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Life of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Charles Forbes comte de Montalembert

Sex & Character

Otto Weininger

The history of women

William Alexander

Old Naumkeag

Charles Henry Webber

Catechism Bible narratives

George William Lose

Accepting the universe

John Burroughs


Louisa May Alcott

Marjorie in command

Carolyn Wells

Zella sees herself

E. M. Delafield

Old Sir Douglas

Caroline Sheridan Norton

Revista do Instituto Historico e Geografico Brasileiro

Instituto Historico e Geografico Brasileiro (Rio de Janeiro)

Romance of London: Strange Stories, Scones and Remarkable Person of the Great Town

John Timbs

Sea Monsters Unmasked

Henry Lee

Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters

Henry Addington Bruce

An essay on demonology, ghosts and apparitions, and popular superstitions

James Thacher

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