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Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Hermenie Templeton Kavanagh

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Hugh Lofting

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

Arthur Edward Waite

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Life of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Charles Forbes comte de Montalembert   — used print copy found

Sex & Character

Otto Weininger   — used print copy found

The history of women

William Alexander   — used print copy found

Old Naumkeag

Charles Henry Webber   — used print copy found

Catechism Bible narratives

George William Lose   — used print copy found

Accepting the universe

John Burroughs   — used print copy found


Louisa May Alcott   — used print copy found

Marjorie in command

Carolyn Wells   — used print copy found

Zella sees herself

E. M. Delafield   — used print copy found

Old Sir Douglas

Caroline Sheridan Norton   — used print copy found

Revista do Instituto Historico e Geografico Brasileiro

Instituto Historico e Geografico Brasileiro (Rio de Janeiro)   — used print copy found

Romance of London: Strange Stories, Scones and Remarkable Person of the Great Town

John Timbs

Sea Monsters Unmasked

Henry Lee   — used print copy found

Historic Ghosts and Ghost Hunters

Henry Addington Bruce   — used print copy found

An essay on demonology, ghosts and apparitions, and popular superstitions

James Thacher   — used print copy found

Epidemic Delusions

Amos Norton Craft

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions

Charles Mackay   — used print copy found

True Ghost Stories

Hereward Carrington   — used print copy found

Curious myths of the Middle ages

Sabine Baring Gould   — used print copy found

No Man's Land

Sapper   — used print copy found


John Buchan   — used print copy found

The Battle of the Somme

John Buchan   — used print copy found

The house in Dormer Forest

Mary Gladys Meredith Webb

Guerres de religion

Jules Michelet   — used print copy found

Histoire critique et militaire des guerres de la Revolution

Antoine Henri Jomini (baron de)   — used print copy found

The historical tragedy of Mary queen of Scots

Orville Ward Owen

The Story of Buddhism

Kenneth James Saunders   — used print copy found

A Catechism of the Shin Sect (Buddhism) by A.K. Reischauer

R. Nishimoto

Why not?

Margaret Widdemer   — used print copy found


Raget Christoffel   — used print copy found

Huldreich Zwingli, the reformer of German Switzerland, 1484-1531

Samuel Macauley Jackson   — used print copy found

A System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive

John Stuart Mill   — used print copy found

The Life of Luther Written by Himself

Martin Luther

Life of Martin Luther

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Tischer   — used print copy found

The doctrine of election

Thomas Erskine   — used print copy found

Sermons by the late rev. C. T. Erskine, with a memoir of his life, ed. by the bp. of Brechin

Charles Thomas Erskine

The Spiritual Order

Thomas Erskine   — used print copy found

The brazen serpent; or, Life coming through death

Thomas Erskine   — used print copy found

The speech of Lord Erskine in the House of Lords (the 8th of March, 1808) on moving resolutions against the legality of the Orders in Council

Baron Thomas Erskine Erskine

Can You Forgive Her?

Anthony Trollope   — used print copy found

The way we live now

Anthony Trollope   — used print copy found

The Book of the Damned

Charles Fort   — used print copy found

The Philosophical Works of Leibnitz ...

Gottfried Wilhelm Freiherr von Leibniz   — used print copy found

The Monadology and Other Philosophical Writings

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (Freiherr von)   — used print copy found

A guide to diplomatic practice

Sir Ernest Mason Satow   — used print copy found

Stories of Missouri

John Roy Musick

Storied holidays

Elbridge Streeter Brooks

The System of the World, Demonstrated in an Easy and Popular Manner

Isaac Newton   — used print copy found

Danish Fairy Legends and Tales

Hans Christian Andersen   — used print copy found

Aventures extraordinaires d'Arsène Lupin

Maurice Leblanc

An Essay on the Principle of Population, as it Affects the Future Improvement of Society

Thomas Robert Malthus

The German spy system from within

William Le Queux   — used print copy found

Letters from the Kaiser to the Czar

William II (German Emperor)   — used print copy found

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens   — used print copy found

Pride and Prejudice

Mrs. Steele MacKaye   — used print copy found

Les misérables [tr. by C.E. Wilbour]. Fantine; Cosette & Marius

Victor Marie Hugo   — used print copy found

Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States

Benjamin Franklin Morris


MRS. E. PRENTISS   — used print copy found

Zwei populäre Vorlesungen über musikalische Akustik

Ernst Mach   — used print copy found

An Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain, Chiefly of England

Jeremy Collier   — used print copy found

Souvenirs sur Mirabeau et sur les deux premières assemblées législatives, publ. par J.L. Duval

Pierre Étienne L. Dumont   — used print copy found



Jules Verne

-QECAAAAQAAJ   — used print copy found

The Augustinian manual, comprising, a 'practical prayer book', by an Augustinian father

Augustinian manual

The Elizabethan prayer-book & ornaments

Henry Gee   — used print copy found

Tracts for the times

John Henry Newman   — used print copy found

Catena aurea

Saint Thomas (Aquinas)   — used print copy found

A manual for the parish priest

Henry Handley Norris   — used print copy found

The Holy week, or the passion of our blessed Saviour, with a supplement for Easter, taken from Paraphrase and comment on the epistles and gospels used in the liturgy of The Church of England

George Stanhope

The Liturgies of S. Mark, S. James, S. Clement, S. Chrysostom, S. Basil: Or According to the Use of the Churches of Alexandria, Jerusalem, Constantinople, and the Formula of the Apostolic Constitution

John Mason Neale

The divine liturgy: a manual of devotions for the sacrament of the altar, from ancient sources, ed. by O. Shipley

Orby Shipley

Handbook to Christian and Ecclesiastical Rome: The liturgy in Rome. By M. A. R. Tuker. Feasts and functions of the church. The ceremonies of Holy week

Mildred Anna Rosalie Tuker

The Liturgy and Ritual of the Celtic Church

Frederick Edward Warren   — used print copy found

Summers Readers, Second Reader

Maud Summers

Summers readers, first reader

Maud Summers   — used print copy found

Mary's meadow

Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing   — used print copy found

Jasper and Lucy

Helen Cross Knight

Nature's wonders

Richard Newton   — used print copy found

The hedge of thorns

Mrs. Sherwood (Mary Martha)   — used print copy found

A narrative of the captivity, sufferings, and removes, of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson

Mary Rowlandson   — used print copy found

Adventures of pioneer children, or, Life in the wilderness

E. Fenwick Colerick   — used print copy found

Source-readers in American history ...

Unknown   — used print copy found

Fairy fancies

Lizzie Selina Eden

The rose bush

Christoph von Schmid

Little Henry

Christoph von Schmid

The brothers [tr.] from the German

Johann Christoph von Schmid

The canary bird

Christoph von Schmid   — used print copy found

The hop-blossoms, and The gray fish

Christoph von Schmid   — used print copy found

A Token for Children

James Janeway   — used print copy found

Scripture biography for the young

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet   — used print copy found

Cheerily, cheerily

Sarah Schoomaker (Tuthill Baker   — used print copy found

Tom Gillies, the knots he tied and untied

mrs. George Gladstone   — used print copy found

Nelly's dark days. By the author of 'Jessica's first prayer'.

Sarah Smith

The giant-killer; or, The battle which all must fight, by A.L.O.E.

Charlotte Maria Tucker   — used print copy found

The long exile

Leo Tolstoy (graf)

A series of tales for children, tr. from the Germ. by R.C. Hales

Johann Christoph von Schmid

The Gospel banner

Unknown   — used print copy found

The Complete Works of Thomas Manton, D.D.

Thomas Manton   — used print copy found

On Horseback Through Asia Minor

Fred Burnaby   — used print copy found

A First Book in American History

Charles Austin Beard   — used print copy found

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