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Mortal Coils

Aldous Huxley

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

Arthur Edward Waite

The Secret Doctrine, Volume II Anthropogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

My Man Jeeves

P. G. Wodehouse

A Catechism of the Shin Sect (Buddhism) by A.K. Reischauer

by R. Nishimoto



"The reason why Xyorai appeared in this world was none other than to preach the ocean of Amida's Great Vow of Salvation. Therefore it is fitting that this sinful world heed the words of eternal truth communicated by iNyorai."—Shoshinge.

1. What kind of religion is Shinshu?
Shinsbu is one of the sects of Buddhism.

2. What kind of religion is Buddhism?
Buddhism is based upon the fundamental law of the

universe, viz., the law of Cause and Effect of which we have a manifestation in the endless cycle of life (viz., birth, death and rebirth). It is a religion which explains the way of Good and Evil, showing how to avoid evil and grow in goodness. It teaches clearly how to perfect the happiness of the present life and the life to come.

"There is something which while in the heart is law; this when put into words becomes doctrine.''—Agonkyo.

'.,. By whom was Buddhism founded?

Buddhism was founded by the Buddha Shakamuni.

I. 117(0 was Shakamuni?

He was a crown prince, the son of King Jobon1 of Kapilavatsu in central India. His mother's name was Maya.

5. When did he live?

He lived about 550 B. C, or in round numbers, about 2500 years ago.

6. When was Buddhism introduced into Japan?

It was first introduced privately in the reign of the 20th Emperor of Japan, viz., the Emperor Keitai (507-33 A. D.). But publicly it was introduced from Kudara2 into Japan in the reign of the 29th Emperor in the 13th year of the Emperor Kimmei (552 A. D.).

7. Which sect was first introduced into Japan?

It is difficult to speak of sects in connection with the early Buddhism of Japan. The first sect, Sanronshu

1. King Suddhodana.

2. Kudara (Pakchc) a division of Korea, but at that time an independent kingdom.

(Three-Argument-Sect), came into existence as a result of the preaching of Ekwan, the High Priest of Koma.1

8. Is Shinshu also a sect which came to Japan from China or Korea?

Shinshu, Jodoshu, Yuzunembutsushu, Jishu, and Nichirenshu—all originated in Japan. Practically all the others had their origin in China and were introduced from there.

9. How many sects are there in Buddhism, and can they be conveniently classified?

Japanese Buddhism may be divided into various sects, and these may be classified as follows. Of course there are many other ways of classifying them.

A. Vehicle classification.2

(1) Shojo (Little "Vehicle—Hinayana).
Kushashu, Jojitsushu, Ritsushu.

(2) Gondaijo. (Provisional Great Vehicle—Ap

parent Mahayana). Sanronshu, Hossoshu.

(3) Jitsudaijo. (True Great Vehicle—True Maha


Kegonshu, Tendaishu, Shingonshu, Zenshu, Yuz-
unembutsushu, Jodoshu, Shinshu, Jishu,
Nichirenshu. (To this group belong Bidon-
shu, Jironshu, and Xehanshu, etc., in China).

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