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Some Experiences of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu, James Legge (trans.)

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A. Conan Doyle

Letters on the Aesthetical Education of Man

Friedrich Schiller

A continuation of the Rev. Alban Butler's Lives of the saints to the present time

by Charles Butler


32. 27. In the second year of his public ministry,— He chose his twelve apostles, and celebrated his second passover.

33. 28. In tlie third year of his public ministry,

He chose his 72 disciples; and celebrated his third passover.

34. 29. (20 March.)—A Sunday. Jesus made his

public entry into Jerusalem.

(23 March.)—On the following Wednesday, Judas bargained with the princes of the priests, to deliver Christ to them.

(24 March.) — On Thursday, the following day, Christ made his fourth passover, and instituted the sacrament of the Blessed Eucharist.

Towards the beginning of the night, he was apprehended by Judas and the soldiery whom he accompanied, and was taken to Annas.

(25 March.)—On the following day, which was Friday, about seven o'clock in the morning, he was carried before Pilate, who s was then sitting in the pretorium;—about

nine o'clock, in the same morning, Jesus was condemned;—about twelve o'clock, he was crucified *.


* Nothing occurs more frequently in spiritual writers than exhortations to sinners to repair to Mount Calvary; but none, perhaps, have been more forcibly, more sublimely, or more beautifully expressed, than the following passage of Bossuet:

" O sinner! who readest these lines, contemplate yourself, while your Judge " contemplates you. ". Behold, in your soul, what, at this very moment, he be" holds in her; the number and grievousness of your sins. Dwell on them ;

" God

From this hour, till three, the land was covered with darkness.

In the evening of the same day, Jesus was buried.

At the time of his death, he was aged 33 years and three months.

Throughout Saturday, his body remained in the grave, f 27 March.)—Early in the morning of the third day after his death, which was Sunday, he rose from the dead.

He appeared, at five different times, to several persons.

" God sees them all. He sees your thoughts; consider what his thoughts are; " what his designs may be when he sees you. At least, consider what is near " you, while you read these lines. The divinejustice encompasses you, observes " you, and writes down your life. His mercy retires from you :—but both his " mercy and justice speak internally to you ; they entreat you to consider what " you may be to-morrow; what you may be this very night; and even.what yon " may be in this very hour. You may be dead, and judged, and condemned to " everlasting flames, in a few minutes. In the next instant, all this may happen to you.—O Christian soul! it is not I; it is not the voice of man; it is some" thing much more powerful, much more worthy of your attention, that now " addresses you. How numerous have been your sins, from the first day on which " you began to sin! But, from that time, how great has been the goodness of God " to you! What day has passed, in which this compassionate Father of all " prodigal children has not sought you, has not stretched forth his hand to you ?— " Wherever you turn, you can see in yourself nothing but enormous sin and " frightful ingratitude. What mercy do you not need ?—Go then to Calvary; " There, it is true, you will be accused of having spilt your Saviour's blood! " they will show you, on the redeeming rood, him, whom you have crucified!— " But be not terrified; acknowledge your sin; be sorry for it: Say to him whom " you behold on the cross, O suffering, O dying God! the evil you behold in me u is not a passing evil! a trifling evil! It is the death of my soul; her death for " time and eternity ! Have pity on me! Say this with a contrite and humble " heart, and you will see that mercy herself will issue from the wounded side of " your Redeemer, and truth and justice will meet in you, and seal your pardon." The sublime pathos of this passage has not often been surpassed: in the writings of Bossuet, passages of equal greatness perpetually occur.

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