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Hermenie Templeton Kavanagh

Mortal Coils

Aldous Huxley

Leaves of Grass

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Novalis Including Hymns to the Night

Novalis, George MacDonald, Thomas Carlyle

A detailed account of the battle of Austerlitz

by Karl Stutterheim (Freiherr von)



T'hose remarkable events which have, within our own remembrance, overthrown whole Empires, created new Kingdoms, and called nations mutilated, divided, and almost annihilated by the conquering powers of other times again into existence and celebrity, combined with the wonderful occurrences produced by modern improvement in every branch of the art or conduct of war, whether conducive to superiority in the field, or to render success when obtained, productive of permanent political advantage, though long esteemed most worthy of historical commemoration, have seldom been hitherto related with such exactness, as to lay even before the attentive reader, a just and perfect view of all those relative facts and circumstances, which, while interesting and instructive in themselves, are so requisite to the due formation of a "right judgment of the whole, founded on a broad and'established basis. From these considerations it is trusted that the following pages, exhibiting a perfect view of alb the military operations connected with the late war between France and Austria, since its commencement in the year 1809, can not be unacceptable to the public j the statements are collected from official papers, and the information of eyewitnesses.

A 2 As



As its battles compose the most interesting part of the detail of the campaign, this narrative will chiefly be filled up with the relation of them, and all other subordinate operations merely mentioned for the sake of elucidating in general, the movements of contending armies, and that this end may be yet further promoted, suitable plans are subjoined;

This narrative is, properly intended to compose the last sheets of a large work, entitled The Elements of the Art of fVar; being a complete and scientific treatise upon every species of military knowledge, as well as political, so far as it relates to the conduct of Cabinets, declaring, managing, or concluding a war; and will therefore, I flatter myself, prove a useful performance to every person engaged either in military or political pursuits^

This work, which is intended to form a complete Encyclopaedia of the Art of War, and of all sciences com> mon to the 2rmy and the state, will be published iri three large octavo volumes, and illustrated by above one hundred drawings and plans, relative to artillery, fortification, enginery, tactics, remarkable battles, sieges, memorable operations and retreats.

The plan of the whole will be as follows:—* The First Volume will treat of

I. The Arrangement and Formation of an Army, and of the Arms and Accoutrements requisite to prepare it for actual service, under thejollotuing beads.

■. The General Staff■.

2. The Staff Quarter-master General* 9. Corps of Engineer*.

4- Tfac PREFACB.

4. The Subsistence, Military Chest, Clothing, and general

requisites for an Army, Hospitals, &c.

5. Military Schools.

IB. The formation cf Artillery, together with 'the construction, fabrication, &c. of pieces of Ordnance, Shot, Machines, &c. &c. &c. *

7. On Small Arms and Guns, their fabrication, &c.

8. The Arrangement and formation of the different corps

of Infantry.

9. The Arrangement and formation of the different corps

of Cavalry;

10. The Arrangement and formation of Pontonneer corps;

Construction of Pontoons, &c. &c.

11. Remarks in the best Method of Supplying the Losses

and Providing/or the Necessities of an Army.

1: Recruiting;

2. Military necessaries.

3. Economical necessaries;

III. The Expences of an Army ,

1. Military expences.

2; Expences of a whole army:

IV. Fortification, viz.

1. Field Fortification.

2. Permanent Fortification*.

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