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Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment

Rudolf Steiner

The Bhagavad Gita


Some Experiences of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

Paradoxes of the Highest Science

Eliphas Levi

A genealogical history of the Montgomerys and their descendants

by David B. Montgomery


Also a Mr. Al. Barclay, of Evansville, Ind., and Mr. Marshall Mauck, a school-teacher in the neighborhood, called on me about this time. Mr. Barclay, in our conversation, referred to the honorable record the Montgomery family had made in the world's history. He mentioned the history of Normandy, which work I soon consulted, which gave much information of which I had known little before.

Later on, about 1892, Mr. Arthur Hudelson, an educated and very brilliant young man of Owensville, Ind.. but at that time a reporter on one of the great daily papers of Chicago, 11l., while in the Cook County Library of Chicago, saw the history of the Montgomery family published in 1863 by Thomas H. Montgomery, of Philadelphia, and very thoughtfully notified me of his find. It is proper to state here that it is probable that this work is in all the libraries of most of the large cities in the United States. There are many libraries in which it is not found, and as genealogical history has been so much neglected during the last two hundred years, but few people were interested sufficiently to look after such works to any great extent.

After learning of this work, I set about trying to find a copy to purchase. In the meantime, Jessie, daughter of Dr. T. J. Montgomery of Owensville, Ind., and wife of Hon. Woodfin D. Robinson, Judge of the Appellate Court, Indianapolis, Ind., had become interested in family genea1ogies and sought information from the writer on this question. He told her of the work at Chicago and of the two copies in the National Library at Washington, D. C.

Not long after this, or about 1898, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson made a visit to Washington, and consulted the work of Thomas H. Montgomery in the National Library, and were so much interested that they solight, found and purchased a copy from a dealer in secondhand books, and tried to find a copy for the writer, but did not succeed. While there are. quite a number of these books in existence, they are not easily found. In reply to my inquiries parties said that they had not seen a copy for ten years, notwithstanding they had had many calls for them.

Finally. in 1900, through the kindness of Mr. Dransfield, Secretary of the New Harmony Library, New Harmony, Ind., I obtained a copy. Since then I have seen other copies; one in the library of Cincinnati, Ohio, and one in the library of Judge H. P. Montgomery, of Georgetown, Ky. By December of the year 1900 I secured a copy of the Montgomery Manuscript from the Robert Clark Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, by William Montgomery, published in Belfast. 1830, and is a book of 472 pages, with copious notes.


The histories principally devoted to the Montgomeiy family are as follows: Note 5, page 2, Montgomeiy's MS., says—"It is supposed that there had existed at Eglintou Castle a MS. acccount of the Montgomery family in Scotland, which was destroyed when that old pile was burnt by the Cunninghams in 1528." Therefore the work of William Montgomery, written between 1698 and 1704, is the earliest existing attempt to illustrate the family history, and it is especially valuable liecause treating of persons who came within the reach of his personal knowledge and events that had occurred during the period of his own life. Since these memoirs were wiitten the following compilations have been made, intended by their authors chiefly to illustrate the genealogical history of the Montgome^-s:

1. Hugh Montgomery, of Broomslands, in the parish of Irvin, compiled, prior to the year 1760. what is known as the Broomlands Manuscript, containing records of the Montgomery family from an early period. The author of this work, which is still in manuscript, died in 1766. aged eighty years.

2. John Hamilton Montgomery of Earnahill, in the counly of Ayr, who was a captain in the 76th Regiment, wrote a genealogy of the family of the Moutgomerys compiled from various authorities, whicd also remains in manuscript. Patterson's account of the parishes and families of Ayrshire, Vol. 11, page 225, note 3. Mrs. E. G. S. Reilly printed for private circulation in 1842 a genealogical history of the family of Montgomerys comprising the lines of Eglinton and Braidstane in Scotland, and Mt. Alexander and Grey-Abbey in Ireland. This lady was the daughter of the Rev. Hugh Montgomery of Rosemount, who died in 1815, and a descendant through John of Gransheogh, in common with the author of the Montgomery Manuscript in the Braidstane line.

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