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The Souls of Black Folk

W. E. B. DuBois

Theory of Colours

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Letters on the Aesthetical Education of Man

Friedrich Schiller

Vanity Fair

William Thackery

A manual for the parish priest

by Henry Handley Norris


tions and admonitions to the lower orders, and several of inferior degree have urged their brethren, upon considerations of the highest importance, to discharge their trust with fidelity.

Never was the attention of the clergy to every part of their duty, publick and private, more requisite than at the present time. Education is become so general amongst every class of the people in this nation, and the taste for pulpit composition in the middle ranks, so much more refined than it formerly was, that there are few congregations in which a very unskilful mode of reading the services of the Church, or a want of tolerable correctness in the lanB 2 guage

gwage and arrangement of a sermon, would pass unobserved: And the spirit >of proselytism rages to such a degree amongst some bodies of dissenters, and those, the wildest and most dangerous, that the constant unremitted private labour of the pastor, is not more than sufficient to prevent-even the well-inclined part of his flock being seduced from the doctrine and discipline 'of the Church.

These considerations induced me to employ a few leisure hours, in throwing together the following hints upon the discharge of the pastoral office. I was convinced the employment would be of advantage to myself, that it would

give me clearer and more correct ideas of my duty, and 1 likewise had some hope, the memoranda J, should collect for my own use, might be of service, at least to the younger part of my brethren.

I was not ignorant, nor was Iunmindful, that many excellent works had been written upon the subject; I had not forgotten my own obligation to those of a Burr net, a Patrick, a Hort, and cc Seeker; and to several more modern charges and treatises upon the sacred office. But considering,, that it was long since any oollective body of pastoral advice had appeared in print, and that some change in the ecclesiastical B 3 circuraCircumstances of the kingdom had taken place, I conceived I might be able to give a few hints on parochial matters, which were not to be found in former works of the same description; at all events, I trusted a new publication would awaken attention to a subject of the highest importance to our Church and nation.

I intend to comprise my hints in two chapters, one on the publick, the other on the private labours of the parochial clergy. Proposing to touch but lighlly on the mannera and habits of the parish-priest, I ehall not appropriate a chapter to these heads, but shall give a little general advice upon the subject in this place.


The clergy are a distinct body of men, set apart for the service of the Church; it is therefore highly proper that they should be distinguished by some outward mark. The external garb of the priest, not only induces the respect of the people towards him, but it assists in awakening his own attention to the sacred commission he bears. The Almighty himself appointed particular habits for the priests of the Jewish, and a similar custom has been adopted by the Christian Church. Let then every one who has taken upon him the priestly office, conform in this as well as in every other matter, to the rules and ordinances of the Church. Let him B 4 put

put on grave and decent apparel. The stile must be regulated by the situation in which he is placed; but whatever mode of dress may be suitable to his cure, it should be of such a description, as will not offend the eyes of those who ought to have the greatest respect for their minister.

That the clergy are men, and that some relaxation from labour is necessary to them, as well as to the rest of mankind, no one will deny; and whatever interest, or pleasure, a parish priest may take in the functions of his office, still there must be times and seasons for withdrawing himself from his common occupation. The bow will not bear to be always bent: sacred study

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