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Mortal Coils

Aldous Huxley

The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas

Theory of Colours

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

Arthur Edward Waite

A new picture of England and Wales

by Samuel Leigh


GORHAMBURY, near St. Alhans, was formerly the property and residence of the great Lord Bacon, who erpcted a new mansion, at a short distance westward from that which now forms the residence of Lord Grim ston, and here he was freqnently visited by the qneen, who dated many of her state papers from Gorhambury. This honse appears to have formed a quadrangle; hut the chief parts that are now standing, are the ruins of the hall, which constituted the iuner side of the court, and a high octagonal tower, commanding some good views over the surrounding country, thongh now too decayed to be ascended. This mansion of the Bacons was rednced to ruins, when the present honse of the Lords Grimston was built, bet wean the years 1778 and 1785. Gorhambury honse is a spacions stone edifice, of the Corinthian order, counected with two wings, built of brick, and stuccoed. The hall, with the library, and the other principal apartments, arc large, and decorated with a rich collection" of portraits, chiefly af the age of Elizabeth and her immediate snccessors.

The GROVE, two miles from Watford, the property and chief residence of Earl Clarendon. The mansion is an irregular strncture of brick, in a park about three miles in circumference. The principal apartments contain a very valuable collection of original portraits, chiefly of the times of James I. and Charles I., as well as a few fine copies from the first matters.

WATTON WOOD HALE, a beantiful seat, occupies one of the finest situations in t!ic county. It is a spacions and elegant mansion, standing on an eminence in a large park, nobly diversified by hill and dale, and watered by several small streams. The present mansion was erected by Sir Thomas Rumbold, and is fitted up with great taste and elegance.

HATF1GED HOUSE, 19J miles from London, occupies a beantiful situation in a finely diversified park, watered on the north side by the river Lea. This mansion is of brick, and of vast extent. Many improvements have been made of late years, particularly by the last Earl of Salisbury, who restored the ancient magnificence of this venerable edifice, and again rendered it an hahitation wortby of the Cecils. Many of the apartments are very large; and most of thcm are decorated with pictures of considerable merit and curiosity. The park and grounds contam some of the finest timber in the county: the scenery is very beantiful; the walks are said to have been originally laid out, and the woods planted by the famons Le Notre; but they have since been greatly improved and enlarged.

HEMEL HEMPSTED, BJ miles from Watford, is a market town, pleasantly situated on rising ground, at a short distance from the river Gade. The cburch appears to have been erected in the Norman limes, but has been mnch altered and enlarged, at subseqnent periods. The market honse is a plain edifice of wood; the shambles, near it, form a neat range of brick building. The charitable donations are not numerous. Great quantities of corn are aunually sold in this town; and its contiguity to the Grand Junction Canal has prodnced a beneficial effect on its trade. In its vicinity are several paper mills.

The market is on Tbursday. The fair on the Tbursday after Trinity Monday. The number of honses, 4C1- Inhahitants, 9.799.

HERTFORD, tl miles from London, is a town of considerable antiquity, but of uncertain origin; thongh it is known to have attained importance very early in the Saxon times. Numerons privileges and immunities have been granted to Hertford, by varions sovereigus, since the time of the Conqneror, who first incorporated the borongh by charter. Charles II. vested the corporation in a mayor, recorder, 10 aldermen, a chamberlain, 16 assistants, and other officers; and, under this charter, the borongh is now governed. The right of electing two members of parliament is vested in the inhahitant honseholders, resident freemen, &c. The number of voters is about 580. All Saints, the principal cburch, is a large edifice, possessing numerons monuments; there are also many sepulehral memorials in St. Andrew's Cburch. The sessions and market honse, and town-hall, are handsome brick edifices. The Blne Coat School is a large building at the east end of the town, capable of accommodating upwards of 500 children. In this town is also a good grammar school, endowed by varions benefactors.

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