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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

The Haunted Bookshop

Christopher Morely

Further Adventures of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas

A poetical, serious, and possibly impertinent, epistle to the Pope

by Peter Pindar



A CAT may look upon a King ;"
So says the proverb ! and the proverb's right;
For Monarch now is prov'd a human thing ;
Although it lifts its nose to such a height.
The Lord's anointed is an antique phrase,
Left out by Dictionaries of our days.
King-making unto man is justly giv'n—
Once the great perquisite indeed of Heavn.
I say, a Cat may look upon a King-
But foreign Potentates say, <( No such thing."
Sicilia's King, replete with right divine,
Thinks he may hunt his subjects like his swine ;

B And

And other Continental Kings, besi.'r,
For glory and blood-royal all agog,
Think they may hunt a subject like a hog :

This mortifies of us small rogues the pride.
What hurts me more, and both my eyes expands,

And lifts with horror from my head, my wig, Those birth-puff'd Kings of foreign lands,

To common Christians, have preferrd the Pig !

A dead pig, to be sure, is better eating

Than a dead christian—handsomer for treating :


But both alive—how difPrent in their nature !
Man surely is the much sublimer creature.

Since Cats may look upon a King, I hope,
A Bard may write a letter to a Pope,


Though hand and glove with Heav'n—a great connexion!
Who deals for souls, salvations from his wallet,
As from their shops, green-grocers, for the palate,

Deal garden-stuff of all complexion ;
And sells a good snug seat amidst the Mes,
To any wicked Gentleman that dies;
As unto John, Sir Will, my Lord, his Grace*

Great Madam Scwhellenbergengives a place;
A cook-like Dame, who understands place-carving,
And {aves such worthy families from starving.

So much for Prologue to my Pope's Epistle;

To which his Holiness may cry, " Go—-whistle."

Perchance his Holiness may also add,

" P—x take me, Peter, if you ar'nt too bad :

" Dare

M Dare six thine impious soot on my dominions,

" I'll pay thee for epistles and opinions."
Well then, since things are bond fide so,

And Danger with his poniard lurks at Rome,
I'll not set off to kiss your Worship's toe ;

But wave the glory,, and remain at home.


WHILE France, for freedom mad, invades thy rights,
And pours her millions o'er the world, like mites;
Knocks the poor growling German o'er the snout,
And threatens hard the man of cheese and grout;
Gives poor Sardinia's Monarch a black eye,
And makes the Nimrod King of Naples cry ;

C What's

What's worse too, threatens poor Lo^etto's shrine,
Where the good Virgin goes each day so * fine,
Threatens to tear the muslin from her head,
And put the f cap of flannel in its stead;
Where is th' Almighty's Man, the Church's hope,
Prince of salvation, Peter's heir, the Pope ?
O thou, the true descendant of Saint Peter,
In very anger, lo, I pen this metre !
There was a time when Popes behav'd with spirit-
But nought, save indolence, dost thou inherit.
Go, ope thy churches, convents, all thy chapels,
Since Atheism with the true Religion grapples;


Think of thy Ancestors so great of yore,
And bid thy noble Bull as usual roar;

They >

* She has a dress for every day in the year. •J- The cap of Liberty,

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