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Some Experiences of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Carlyle, Rudolf Steiner

The Souls of Black Folk

W. E. B. DuBois

Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman

A review of the true nature of schisme

by John Owen



specially ofonewho was accused of the same crime but yet I must needs fay, a prompt readiriesse to follow most questionable accusations against honest defesatives/ro good men unjustly accused by others of the samecrime,I did not expect. I added this also in my thoughts,that the facility of tendring ,a discourse to the purpose, on the, businesse under confidestation,was obviated by its being led out . ofLthe common roder.'j wherin common place supplies would beoi title use to any that.sljould undertake it: not once suspecting that, any man of learning and judgment would make a retinue untoic out of-vulgar discourses about ministers' tailing ^Church government ox the like. How farre these and the like considerations might bears lei fe unto my thoughts, in my feares of further controverfiall ingagements, having the pressure of more business upo me than any one ma I know of my Calling in the whole nation,I leave it to the judgment .of them who -love truth andpeace. But what litle confidence I ought in the present posture ot the ' minds


minds of men,to have placed in any or all of them, the discourse vnder Consideration hath instructed me: That any one thing hath sallen out according to my expectations and conjectures, but only its being a product of the men,of the perswalion owned therin, I am yet to seeke.The truth is I cannot blame my Adversary viis et modis to make good the opposition he is ingaged in-, it concernes him and his beyond their interest in

the appearing skirts of this Controversy. Perhaps also an adjudged necessity of indeavoring a disreputation to my person and writings. was'one ingredient in the undertaking. If so, the whole frame was to be carried on by correspondent mediums .But let the principles and motives to this discourse be what they will, it is now made publicit^ there being a warmer zeale acting therin, then in carrying on some other thinges, expected from the fame hand. -_- ; .-/•-»

To what may seeme of importance in it, I mall with zWlpoftible plainesse give a fCturae. Had the Reverend Author of it


thought good, to have kept within the bounds,by me fixed,and candidly debated the notion proposed,abstracting from the provocations of particular applications, I mould most willingly have taken paints for a Further clearing and manifesting of she truth contended about.

But the whole discourse wherewith I have now to do, is of another complexion, and thedefigne of it,of another tendency-, yea so mannaged sometimes, that I am ready to question whether it be the produel and fruite of his spirit whose name it bears;.- for though he be an utter stranger to me,yet I have received such a character of him,as would raise mee' to an expectation of any thing from him, rather then such a discourse.

The Reader will be able to perceive an account of these thoughts in the ensuing view of his Treatise; - l. I am without any provocation intended , and I hope given, reviled from one end of it to the other $ and called , partly in down right termes, partly by oblique intimations, whose reflections are

-- not

not to be waved, Sathan,Atheifi^Scepick^ Donatist) Heretick^Schismaticke, SeUarie, « Pharisee,&c. and the closure of the is merely an attempt to blast my repw ^ r*tfr>», whereof I shall give a speedy account.

2. The professed designe of the whole is to prove Independency , as he is pleased to Call it> which what it is, he declares hot,nOr fas he mannages the bufinesse) do I know,to be a greatSc^/w^and that independents, ( by whom it is full well , knowne whom he intends ) are Schisrttfi ticks, Sectaries ,the troublers of England. So that it were happy for the Nation, if they were oat of it •, or discovering san*guinary thoughts in reference unto them and these kinds of discourses fill up the booke,almost from one end to thfe other. • *

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