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Some Experiences of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

Vanity Fair

William Thackery

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Hugh Lofting

The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Baltasar Gracian

A sentimental journey through France and Italy, by mr. Yorick

by Laurence Sterne


Sir W. Boothby *
Mr. Boothby *
Lord Bclasyse *
Lady Belafjse *
Mr. Bonfoy
Mr. Brand *
Mr. Bourk
Mr. Hawkins Browa
Lord Bathurst *
Mr. Buller
Lord Burghcartst *
Mr. Bayly
Doctor Brook
Mr. Blakeney
Mr. T. Brown
Mr. Big

Honourable Mr. Belasyse

Mr. Barton *

Mr. Earker Devon shire

Mr. Bromley.

Mr. Joseph Brcreton

Lord Charlemont

Captain Crawford *

Mr. Cust

Mr. Cane

Lord Clanbrazcl *

Mr. Clavering

Lord Frederick Cavendish *

Lord Cornwallis *

Lord John Cavendisti *

Rev. Mr. Cleavor

Mr. Cross

Rev. Mr. Cayly, Residentiary of York
The Bishop of Cork *
Mr. Colman
Mrs. Chaloner


Captain Digby *
Mr. Dempster
Hon. John Demer *
Mi. J. Demer *

Mr. C. Hanbury *
Mr. O. Hanbury *
Hon. N. Herbert *
Henry Herbert, Esq;
Doctor G. Hay *
Mrs. Hoan
Captain D. Harvey
Governor Hamilton *


Mr. James *
Hon. Miss Ingram
Mr. Thomas Jones
M. Julius

The Hon. John St. Jqho

Sir Joha'Kay
Poctor Knox
Joseph Kuling, Esq;
Poctor Kilvington


Colonel Lcc
Mr. C. Ludwidge
Sir Matthew Lamb *
Mrs. Lamb
Mr. J. Langlois
Mr. G. Litchfield.
Mr. John Lowe
Lord G. Lenox *
Earl of Lincoln *
Mr. Peter LasceUes
Rev. Mr. Lascelles
Mr. Edwin Lascelles
Mr. Edward Lascelles
Mr. Daniel Lascelles
Mr. Her. Langrilk
Mr. Robert Lowther.


Colonel Mackay *

Sir George Macartney, $fts *


Mr. Mannering
Lord Milton *
Mrs. Mountague
Mrs. Menyl

The Duke of Montague *

The Duchess of Montague *

The Marquis of Monthidmer

Sir William Musgrave

Mr. Murray of Broughton *

Lord Mount Stewart *

Lady Mount Stewart *

Sir Francis Mollineux

Mr. Minfliin

Mrs. Minfliin

Mr. Sawray Morrit

Rev. Mr. Marsden

Mr. Thomas Mather

Mr. Motteux

Mr. Maclean

Air. George Morland

Mr. Phipps
Mr. Pratt
R. Pigot, junior
Miss Purling

Monsieur Le Compte de Paar

Lord Portrnorc

Lord Pembroke

Lord Palmerston *

Mr. Panchaude, 20 sets

The Bishop of Peterborough

Mr. Palmer

Mr. Porter

Mr. W. Price

Doctor Petit

The Duke of Roxburgh *

Mr. Ruspini

Mr. Edward Rolf

Mr. Joseph Russel

Hon. F. Robinson

Mr. John Ranlby, Lincoln's Inn

Lady Robinson

Marquis of Rockingham *

Lady Rockingham *


Mr. Robert Sparrow
Mr. Frank Schutze
Doctor Smalbrook *
Lord Spencer *
Mr. H. Stanley *

Mr. Stanley, Commissioner of the Customs •
Lord Charles Spencer
Mr. John Sivale
Hon. Mr. Shelly
Mr. Sikes, Hull


Mr. Thornhill *
Mr. G. Thornhill *
•Mr. Trent
Lord Tyrone
Mr. F. Trotman
Mr. Joseph Tullre
Mr. Tankard
Mr. C. Turner
Mr. Tickle *
Mr. Thorougron
Mr. C. Tomlins


Hononrable F. Vane
Mr. R. Vincent
Mr. Vane
Mr. Vescy
Lord Villars *
Reverend Dr. Vane
Mr. Vernon *


Mr. John Wonen *

Mr. Woodhouse, 2sets *

Sir Cecil Wray

Sir Rowland Winn

Mr. Weddle

Hon. Mr. Walsingham

Mr. Whitehead

Mr. Wanley

Mr. Wastall

Lord Wandersford

Mr. Whitwick

Mr. Nathaniel Webb


The Archbishop of York * Mr. R. Young



fire. 8cc.

matter better in France—

—"You have been in France? said my gentleman, turning quick upon me with the most: civil triumph in the world.—Strange! quoth I, debating the matter with myself, That one and twenty miles sailing, for *tis absolutely no further from Dover to Calais, should give a man these

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