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Mortal Coils

Aldous Huxley

The Souls of Black Folk

W. E. B. DuBois

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

Novalis Including Hymns to the Night

Novalis, George MacDonald, Thomas Carlyle

A series of tales for children, tr. from the Germ. by R.C. Hales

by Johann Christoph von Schmid


In the distichs I have not always adhered to the original, and have in some instances availed myself of the assistance of others, wherever their stanzas expressed the sense of the author in language more appropriate than my own.


A Second edition of this little volume being called for, I have taken the opportunity of introducing some few alterations, which will, I trust, be considered improvements. Nearly all the distichs will now be found to be close translations of the original.

The favourable notice it has received from several friends whose opinion I value, has been very gratifying to me; and I shall be truly thankful if it is permitted to attain a more extended sphere of usefulness.

Oxford, July 21, 1859.


The following account of Christoph Von Schmid may perhaps, not inappropriately be introduced here:—

Christoph Von Schmid, Dean of Augsberg, and one of the best known writers of books for children, was born at Dinkelsbuehl, Aug. 15,1768, and received his University education at Dillingen. Having concluded his course of theological study, he was for some years Curate at Nassenbeuren, near Mindelheim, then at Seng in the district of Algau (Bavaria). During his engagement here, he was appointed by Count Von Stadion School-Inspector, and Rector, of Thannhausen on the Mindel. Whilst he was discharging, with the utmost efficiency, the duties of these posts he wrote his "Biblische Geschichte fur Kinder" (" Bible History for Children "), then his " Erster Enterricht von Gott" (" First Religious Instruction "), and the "Lehr und Lesebuechlein in hundert kurzen Erzsehlungen "—" Lesson and Reading book, containing 100 short tales" (the work now submitted to the reader). All these books were introduced into the Bavarian Schools.

After having had the care of the School at Thannhausen for twenty years, the above-mentioned Count gave him the Rectory of Stadion, in the Kingdom of Wurtemberg.

Soon afterwards he was offered the Professorship of Moral and Pastoral Theology at Tuebingen, and afterwards the Directorate of the Clerical Seminary at Rothenburg; but he could not persuade himself to leave his Rectory, although it was suggested that he might discharge the duties of his parish by means of a substitute.

In 1827, King Louis of Bavaria presented him to the Deanery of Augsberg, and conferred on him the Order of the Bavarian Crown; and in 1850 he made him Commander of the Order of St. Michael. In 1848 the University of Prague conferred on him the degree of Doctor in Divinity.

Besides his "Bible History" Schmidhas distinguished himself by a series of excellent books, especially adapted to the capacities of children, and distinguished by their depth of feeling and felicity of expression. Amongst those which have enjoyed the greatest popularity may be specified his "Ostereier" (Easter Eggs), "Genoveva" "Der Weihnachtsabend" (Christmas Eve), "Kosa von Tannenburg," "Das Blumenkoerbchen," (the Basket of Flowers), and "Erzshlungen fur Kinder und Kinderfreunde " (Tales for Children and their Friends.)

These as well as the " Bible History" have been translated into several languages, and were particularly well received in France and England, and North America. His entire works have been edited by himself in 24 vols. (Augsberg, 1840—46), and since the last named period he published "Pauline," "Matilda and Wilhelmina," and lastly "Erinnerungen aus meinem Leben" (Memoirs of my life), 2 vols., Augsberg, 1853.

From, BrocJchaus' " Conversations Lexicon"


1.—THE SUN".

One evening, when darkness had already set in, an industrious mother accompanied by her two children, came home from labouring in the fields. Look! there on the table a lamp stood burning.

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