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The Secret Doctrine, Volume I Cosmogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

The Characters of Theophrastus


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

Shakti and Shakta

John Woodroffe

A short and truthful history of Colorado during the turbulent reign of "Davis the First."

by Charles Hartzell


3. E Perkins memorial



New York, March 29, 1894. Hon. Davis H. Waite, Denver:

Please telegraph the Press, at our expense, whether the people of your State approve Cleveland's veto of the Bland bill, and whether they favor, in your opinion, further silver legislation.

New York Press.


Denver, March 29, 1894.

New York Press:

Except a few damned fools, the people of Colorado, without distinction of party, are opposed to Cleveland's veto of the Bland bill, and are in favor of free coinage of silver at 16 to 1.

Davis H. Waite,



During the summer and fall of 1892, the people of Colorado lived in an atmosphere of disappointment and unrest. The great political parties had met in National Convention, and, notwithstanding the urgent and frantic appeals of the West for relief, or at least the promise of relief, from the stagnant and almost unbearable commercial conditions which had been thrust upon them, by the studied and continued contraction of the money of the people, resulting from the assassination of silver, they again turned a deaf ear to all entreaty, giving no present hope for relief and adding to the tensity of the strain, which was fast approaching open revolt.

Many and startling were the remedies proposed for the correction of existing evils, and loud and long were the harangues which were inflicted upon the patient and longsuffering public by the political quacks, who, each like the street-fakir of patent nostrums, did not hesitate to fully warrant and guarantee that his mixture would speedily cure all ills, both mental and physical, to which the body politic was or would become heir.

About this time, as in the days of old, certain of our political wise men visited the shepherds who were closely watching and attending upon the political lambs and other voters, and called their attention to the fact that a new and particularly bright star had appeared in the Eastern horizon, which could not be accounted for by any scientist or astronomer, and, by physical calculation, it was ascertained that it was located directly above the State of Iowa.

Never doubting for an instant but that Providence had again made manifest its intention to point out the true method and agency for redemption, and was indicating the means for political salvation, the political wise men and shepherds of Colorado, with that faith in promises which has always been a large element in their natures, straightway took up their journey to the land of the Hawkeye, that they might see and know this new Messiah, and learn his doctrines of political salvation, and that they might be enabled to teach the new faith to the groping and deceived voters of Colorado.

The new redeemer, Weaver by name, while not claiming divine or supernatural origin, yet nevertheless did teach and preach political doctrines of a kind which had never been listened to before by mortal man; a People's party, which should be large enough to accommodate all the people, was created; a movement which proposed to absolutely annihilate existing conditions and surroundings, standing upon a platform with as many and as contradictory and opposing principles as it was possible to frame with the English language; with but one cardinal principle, and that the destruction of all present forms and conditions of governmental control and authority; with pledges of purification and reform upon every possible subject, and with promises of unlimited joy, happiness and money, to all who should embrace the new political religion, or at least to those who should embrace it sufficiently to vote for the apostles of Populism, who were already upon every hand, with instincts of noblest patriotism, offering themselves to the voters as voluntary sacrifices upon the altar of political freedom.

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