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Esoteric Buddhism

A. P. Sinnett

Some Experiences of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Hermenie Templeton Kavanagh

A standard history of Georgia and Georgians

by Lucian Lamar Knight


On November 9, 1898, Professor Ragland was united in marriage at Atlanta, with Miss Anne Clyde Ellis, who is a daughter of Rev. Henry J. and Susie (Smith) Ellis, both surviving and aged about seventy years. Rev. Henry J. Ellis, who is now chaplain of the Georgia House of Representatives, served as a minister of the North Georgia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church for more than forty years, but is now superannuated on account of failing eyesight. He is highly honored in Methodist circles at Atlanta, having served as pastor.of many of the churches and having built both the Walker Street and the Inman Park churches. Seven sons have been born to Professor and Mrs. Ragland, three of whom died in infancy, the four survivors being: Eugene, Jr., Myron Ellis, Frederick Barham and Henry Jossey, all of whom have been carefully reared in the Methodist faith.

Professor Ragland cannot be included in that class of intellectual men usually credited with being somewhat impractical in business, for he not only is a large property owner here but has had much of it improved with high class apartment buildings under his own supervision and has other profitable investments.

Everette Iseman, M. D. Justly does mankind entertain a feeling of regard for the members of that profession whose teachings urge and training prepares for the alleviating of the woes of humanity, as often mental as physical. No doubt many earnest and faithful physicians have had reason to doubt this attitude when their best services have been seemingly taken for granted and accepted without remembrance of financial obligation, nevertheless, no relation outside of family ties is so close as that of physician and patient and no memory can possibly be so short as to fail to recall the value placed on the doctor's healing presence, in times of sore distress. With all the medical training possible to be secured every man could not be a real physician, there are other qualifications essential. The medical profession at Savannah has many times been mentioned as a body of learned and sincere men and even the younger members are winning reputation because of their ability in all directions. A successful medical practitioner belonging to the younger generation is Dr. Everette Iseman.

Everette Iseman was born March 22, 1885, at Spartansburg, South Carolina. His parents are Simon and Helen (Levi) Iseman. During the war between the states, the paternal grandfather of Doctor Iseman, as well as his maternal grandfather, Moses Levi, served as soldiers in the Confederate army and the latter was imprisoned at one time at Richmond, Virginia. Simon Iseman, father of Doctor Iseman, was born at Marion, South Carolina, and has been a prosperous business man in his native state for many years, first in the wholesale dry goods line and now in the wholesale grocery line at Manning. He married at Manning, Ellen Levi, born there in 1860, and they have had five children: Jacob, Everette, Clarence, Lucille and Alline.

Everette Iseman attended the public schools at Spartansburg during boyhood, later those of Manning, secured his B. S. degree at Charleston and in 1909 was graduated with his medical degree from the University of Maryland, having experience in the Hebrew Hospital and taking a post-graduate course of one year at Johns Hopkins University at Baltimore. In October, 1911, Doctor Iseman came to Savannah, where he made property investments and has built up a large and lucrative practice. He keeps fully abreast with the times, having membership with the Georgia State and the Southern Medical societies and the American Medical Association, and is a member of the medical staff of St. Joseph's Hospital at Savannah.

On November 18, 1914, at Savannah, Doctor Iseman was united in marriage with Miss Albion Doris Smith, who is a daughter of Henry and Celia Smith, a family of affluence and importance in this city. Doctor Iseman was reared in the Hebrew faith. Politically he is a democrat. Upon his patients he urges the delights and benefits of out-door life, much to their advantage. He belongs to the Harmony Club at Savannah.

Jefferson R. Roach. One of the younger members of the Statesboro legal fraternity, Jefferson R. Roach is thoroughly representative of the class of men who have won their way to position and professional success. Although engaged in practice only since the fall of 1912, he has already established himself firmly as a lawyer of breadth, soundness and learning, and at the present time is the democratic nominee for the office of solicitor of the City Court. Mr. Roach was born at Savannah, Georgia, October 14, 1889, and is a son of William B. and Emma S. (Proctor) Roach.

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