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The Characters of Theophrastus


The Secret Doctrine, Volume I Cosmogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

Letters on the Aesthetical Education of Man

Friedrich Schiller

The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Baltasar Gracian

A tour throughout South Wales and Monmouthshire

by J. T. Barber




General Observations A Sketch, Op

Welch Historv—Ancient Buildings.


In making the Tour of South Wales and Monmouthshire, the AdmiTtr of pictitresqut beauty dwells with peculiar pleasure on a tract of country comprising the greater part of Monmouthshire, and bordering the Severn and Bristol 'channel, to the western limits of Pembrokeshire. In this enchanting district, a succession of bold hills, clothed with wild forests, or ornamental plantations and delightful valleys, present themselves in constant va* B riety: riety: many fine estuaries and rivers, picturesque towns, and princely ruins, also adorn the scene, whose charms are inconceivably heightened by the contiguity of the Bristol channel, which washes the coast; in some places receding into capacious bays; in others, advancing into rocky promontories o£ the most imposing grandeur.

The Statistical Enquirer finds equal subject of gratification, in the uncommon fertility of several valleys, and the woody treasures of numerous hills, bearing-myriads of oaks, and other Jirst-rate timber-trees. The mineral wealth of the country, and its convenient coast for traffic, are likewise subjects of high consideration; and, while the statist applauds the late rapid strides of manufactures and commerce in this district, he may discover sources hitherto latent for their increase.

TlicHtitorianczm-uA fail of being interested wjiile U'eadjng. on the ground where Britons made their latest and most vigorous efforts for independence, against successive invaders; nor the Antiquary, while traversing a country, rejptetejwith Monumea$s of the Druidical .a^s^ nT^ijtary works of the Romans, Britons, .rMtir:5.;iwi::ii.-l ... -'■ Saxons* Saxons, and Normans ; and the venerable relics of numerous religious foundations. •' (' Beyond this stripe of country, from ten 16 twenty miles in width, forming the southern extremity of Wales, and an intermixture of rich scenery (particularly in the neighbourhood of Brecon), with prevailing dreariness on the eastern frontier, South-Wales exhibits Sl fedious extent of' hills without majesty, Valleys over-run with peat bogs, and unprofitable moors. Beside the superb ruins of M. David's, the course of the Tivy near "Cardigan, and the scenery about the Devil's . Bridge, it has little to entice the attention" of the tourist: the towns, for the most part, are miserably poor, and travelling accommodations very uncertain? the roads, too, are wretched beyond any thing that a mere fcnglish traveller ever witnessed. It is, therefore, a subject of no small gratification, fhit the chief beauties of South-Wales are found in a compact route; abounding with good towns, respectable accommodations, and very -fair roads. This part of the country maybe explored in a close carriage, though the better mode of travelling is, certainly, on horse back. The pedestrian may- clamv peculiar hi" :.v;L» B 2 advantages

advantages-in. his way of getting on; butI do not conceive, that a man enduring the fatigue of trudging day after day through miry roads, can maintain an exhilaration of spirits congenial with r the beauties that surround him.) -1 .

- The geographical; situation and present li.mits of Wales are" unnecessary to be here described. Of its history,: the first certain accounts ;that we collect are^on the invasion of the Romans, when Wales appears to have been divided into three principalities: the .Silures, the Ordovices^and the :pimitae. The .Silures possessed all that tract of country bounded by the Severn, the Tame, and the Towey; which, comprehending the counties , of Monmouth, Glamorgan, Brecknock, Radnor, Hereford, and part of Gloucester, Worcester, and Caermarthen shires, comprised the greater part of South-Wales. The Dimitaj inhabited that part of South-Wales westward , of-the Towey; and the Qrdovices, North.WTaleg, including Anglesea./, u ... [

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