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Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment

Rudolf Steiner

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

Arthur Edward Waite

My Man Jeeves

P. G. Wodehouse

Letters on the Aesthetical Education of Man

Friedrich Schiller

Abraham Lincoln; the practical mystic

by Francis Grierson


The Agnostic man with a powerful originality and a strong

and the

Mytttc Lincoln was more or less influenced by Hern

don at the beginning of their acquaintance
but such influence did not last long.
Another curious thing is that Mr. Hern-
don, in spite of his probity, his practical abil-
ity, and his talent as a lawyer, never became
known beyond his own state. He never was
put forward as a leader. Perhaps he enter-
tained no particular ambition to lead, being
too much of a philosopher, but the remark is
in order that what was lacking in his tempera-
ment was just a spark of that mystical il-
lumination which gave Lincoln his faith, his
conviction, and his power.
No doubt Herndon was singularly fitted
for the position he held with Lincoln for the
space of twenty years. Had he been a leader
in public affairs he could not have aided Lin-
coln as he did.

That the great President never had a men-
tor is plain to all who have studied the best
biographies. He did sometimes act upon
suggestions from friends in matters of minor
importance in his private affairs. When, one
day, after he had become President, Mrs.
Lincoln informed him that the gossips de-
clared he was being ruled by Seward, his

reply was: "I may not rule myself, out cer- The Agnostic

tainly Seward shall not. The only ruler is *TM

my conscience—following God in it—and

these men will have to learn that yet." And

Seward did learn it, as well as Stanton and

Chase, and every member of the Cabinet, and

all others who came within the radius of his

mystical circuit. Indeed, the generals all

learnt it, some of them to their sorrow, long

before the war ended.

Lincoln's authority became apparent to all whenever he delivered a speech on important occasions. Then, as Judge Whitney has said, he was "as terrible as an army with banners." Col. Henry Watterson, in his memorable address before the Lincoln Union, in Chicago, puts the question: "Where did Shakespeare get his genius? Where did Mozart get his music? Whose hand smote the lyre of the Scottish ploughman? God alone. And if Lincoln was not inspired of God then there is no such thing as special Providence or the interposition of Divine Power in the affairs of men."


asked the following questions:—"By °Jtht . .« i-i 1 Supernatural

what magic spell was this, the greatest moral

The Logic transformation in all profane history, S *n tu al wrou£ht? What Genius sought out this roving child of the forest, this obscure flatboatman, and placed him on the lonely heights of immortal fame? Why was this best of men made the chief propitiation for our national sins? Was his progress causative or fortuitous; was it logical or supernatural; was the Unseen Power, or he himself, the architect of his fortune?

"The blunders that were committed by raw and reckless commanders in the field were sufficient to make angels weep, but they were all mosaics in the process of Fate to work out the Divine plan. If we could see the whole scheme of human redemption it would be quite clear to us that not only Abraham Lincoln, U. S. Grant, W. T. Sherman, but equally Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Raphael Semmes were necessary instruments of the great disposer of events—that the bullet which terminated the glorious career of the President was not more surely sped by Fate to its mark than was the bullet which ended the life of Albert Sidney Johnston at Shiloh and which ultimately averted ruin to the Union forces on that blood-stained field, and that in the sublime procession of destiny all events, apparent accidents, calamities, crimes, and The Logic blunders were agents of the omnipotent will, the

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