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The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Baltasar Gracian

The Worm Ouroboros

E. R. Eddison

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Hermenie Templeton Kavanagh

The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas

Agriculture ...

by William Penn Brooks


Paragraph Page

Crops Valuable for Green Manuring Named ' 432 357

Winter Rye 433- 357

Buckwheat 434 35s

White Mustard 435 358

Ra?e 436 359

Spurry 437 359

Vetches 438 359

Peas 439 36o Paragraph Page

Lupines 44o 360

Crimson Clover 44i 361

Common Red and Mammoth Red Clovers 442 562

Sweet Clover 443 363

The Cow Pea and the Soy Bean 444 364

Conditions Must be Right or Green Manuring May not Prove Espe-
cially Beneficial 445 366

(a) Nitrogen Conservation.

(6) Nitrogen Gathering.

Plowing in Green Crops 446 370

Farm Crops.

Classification 448 373

Crop Rotation.

What Rotation is and its Objects 449 374

Reasons Why Crop Rotation is Beneficial 450 374

(a) Food Requirements.

(d) The Depth of the Root System. ^

(c) All Crops Belong to One of Two Classes.

(d) Liability to Disease, Insect Injury, and Weeds.

ist. Disease. 2d. Insects. 3d. Weeds. Planning the Rotation 451 357

Systems Of Rotation.

The Norfolk System 452 377

Modifications of the Norfolk System 453 378

(a) Suited to Farms with much Live Stock.

(6) Suited to Beet-sugar Districts.

(c) Mangels instead of Turnips.

Rotations followed in Corn-growing States 454 379

Terry's Rotation 4S5 379

A Dairy Farm Rotation 456 379

Rhode Island Rotations 457 , 380

(a) Potatoes, Winter Rye, Clover.

(6) Corn, Potatoes, Rye, Clover.

(c) Corn, Potatoes, Rye, Grass, and Clover for two Years.

Time and Manner of sowing 516 425

(a) Spring sowing.

(b) Seeding in the Corn Field.

(c) Fall sowing.

(d) Late Fall sowing.

(e) Should Grass Seeds be sown alone or with Grain.

(f) Machines for sowing Grass Seeds.

ist. Drill sowing, ad. Broadcast seeders. 3d. Wheelbarrow seeders. 4th. Hand sowing. 5th. -Covering grass seeds. Manures and Fertilizers to be used when seeding Mowings 517 431

(a) Fertilizers to be used in Connection with Spring seeding

(b) For Fall seeding.

Top-dressing Mowings 518 432

(a) Farmyard Manure favorable to the Growth of Grasses.
(6) Top-dressing with Fertilizers for the Production of Mar-
ket Hay, chiefly Timothy and Redtop.

(c) The Use of Manures and Fertilizers in rotation.

(d) Top-dressing for Rowen.

The Hay Harvest 519 439

(a) Season of cutting.

(6) Hay Making Machinery.

Selection of Grasses for Pastures 520 442

Seeding Pastures 521 443

Manuring Pasture Land 522 444

Sub-class II. Annual Forage Crops : For Hay, Soiling, Fold-
Ing, .or Ensilage.

The Use of Annual Forage Crops '. 523 445

Small Grains 524 445

(a) Rye.
(«) Oats.

(c) Wheat.

(d) Barley.

( e ) Grains with Legumes.
(_/) Manures for these Crops.

Millets 525 447

(«) Foxtail Millets (Chostochloa Italica).


German or Golden millet.

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