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The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas

Novalis Including Hymns to the Night

Novalis, George MacDonald, Thomas Carlyle

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A. Conan Doyle

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Hugh Lofting

Albert Durer

by Thomas Sturge Moore



When the late Mr. Arthur Strong asked me to undertake

the present volume, I pointed out to him that, to fulfil

the advertised programme of the Series he was editing, was

more than could be hoped from my attainments. He

replied, that in the case of Durer a book, fulfilling that

programme, was not called for, and that what he wished

me to attempt, was an appreciation of this great artist in

relation to general ideas. I had hoped to benefit very

largely by my editor's advice and supervision, but this his

illness and death prevented. His great gifts and brilliant

accomplishments, already darkened and distressed by

disease, were all too soon to be utterly quenched; and

I can but here express, not only my sense of personal loss

in the hopes which his friendly welcome and generous

intercourse had created and which have been so cruelly

dashed by the event, but also that of the void which his

disappearance has left in the too thin ranks of those

^J who, filled with reverence and enthusiasm for the great

22 traditions of the past, seem nevertheless eager and capable

^> of grappling with the unwieldy present. Let and

c>) restricted had been the recognition of his maturing worth,

°- and now we must do without both him and the impetus of

Li J

co his so nearly assured success.

The present volume, then, is not the result of new research; nor is it an abstract resuming historical and critical discoveries on its subject up to date. Of this latter there are several already before the British public; the former, as I said, it was not for me to attempt. Nor do I feel my book to be altogether even what it was intended to be; but am conscious that too much space has been given to the enumeration of Durer's principal works and the events of his life without either being made exhaustive. Still, I hope that even these parts may be found profitable by those who are not already familiar with the subjects with which they deal. To those for whom these subjects are well known, I should like to point out that Parts I. and IV. and very much of Part III. embody my chief intention; that chapter 1 of Part I. finds a further illustration in division iii. of chapter 4, Part II.; and that division vi., chapter 1, Part II., should be taken as prefatory to chapter 1, Part IV.

Should exception be taken to the works chosen as illustrations, I would explain that the means of reproduction, the degree of reduction necessitated by the size of the page, and other outside considerations, have severely limited my choice. It is entirely owing to the extreme kindness of the Durer Society—more especially of its courteous and enthusiastic secretaries, Mr. Campbell Dodgson and Mr. Peartree—that four copper-plates have so greatly enhanced the adequacy of the volume in this respect.

I have gratefully to acknowledge Sir Martin Conway's kindness in permitting me to quote so liberally from his "Literary Remains of Albrecht Durer," by far the best book on this great artist known to me. Mr. Charles PREFACE vii

Eaton's translation of Thausing's "Life of Diirer," the "Portfolios of the Diirer Society," and Dr. Lippman's " Drawings of Albrecht Diirer," are the only other works on my subject to which I feel bound to acknowledge my indebtedness. Lastly, I must express deep gratitude to my learned friend, Mr. Campbell Dodgson, for having so generously consented, by reading the proofs, to mitigate my defect in scholarship.


St. Michael and the Dragon . . . Tbfanpagi- 262 Detail from "The Meeting at the Golden

Gate " . . . . iletmen pagm 26'4 and 265

Detail from " The Nativity " . „ 264 and 265

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