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The Revolt of the Netherlands

Friedrich Schiller

Further Adventures of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

The Secret Doctrine, Volume I Cosmogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Hugh Lofting

An appeal to all that doubt, or disbelieve the truths of the gospel

by William Law


Good, and all Evil in the Creature, both in the moral and natural World, in Spiritual and Material Things. For Instance, dark, fiery Wrath in the Soul, is not only very like, but it is the very self-fame Thing in the Soul which a Wrathful Poison is in the Fleih. Now, the Qualities of Poison are in themselves, all of them good Qualities, and necessary to every Life; but they are become a Poisonous Evil, because they are separated from some other Qualities. Thus also the Qualities of Fire and Strength that constitute an Evil Wrath in the Soul, are in themselves very good Qualities, and necessary to every good Life $ but they are become ai\ evil Wrath, because separated from some otherQualities with which they should be united.

The Qualities of the Devil and all fallen Angels, are good Qualities; they are the very, same which they received from their infinitely perfect Creator, the very fame which are, and musl be in all heavenly Angels; but they are an hellish, abominable Malignity in them now, because they have, by their own Self-motion, separated them from the Light and Love which should have kept them glorious Angels.

And here may be seen at once, in the clearest Light, the true Origin of all Evil in the tion, without the least Imputation _upon

the the Creator. God could not pojibly create aCreature to be an insinite All, like Himself: God could not bring any Creature into Existence, but by deriving into it the self-exijlent, self-generating, self-moving Qualities of his own Nature: For the Qualities must be in the Creature, that which they were in the Creator, only in a State of Limitation; and therefore, every Creature must be finite, and must have a Self-motion, and so must be capable of moving right and wrong, of uniting or dividing from what it will, or of falling from that State in which it ought to stand: But as every Quality, in every Creature, both within and without itself, is equally good, and equally nrcej'ary to the Perfection of the Creature, since there is nothing that is evil in it, nor can become evil to the Creature, but from itself, by its separating That from itself, with which it can, and ought to be united, it plainly follows, that Evilcan no more be charged upon God, than Darknesi can be charged upon the Sun; because every Quality is equally good., every Quality of Fire is as good as every Quality of Light, and only becomes an Evil to that Creature, who, by his own Self-motion, has separated Fire from the Light in his own Nature.

* 12. If i 12. If a'delicious, fragrant Fruit had a Power of separating itself from that rich Spirit, fine Taste, Smell. , and Colour which it receives from the Virtue of the Sun, and the Spirit of the Air; or if it could in the Beginning of its Growth, turn away from the Sun,, and receive no Virtue from it, then it would stand in its own first Birth of Wrath, Sourness, Bitterness, and Astringency,]uft. as the Devils do, who have turned back into their own dark Root, and rejected the Light and Spirit of God: So that the hellish Nature of a Devil is Nothing else, but its own Jirjl Forms of Life, withdrawn, or separated from the heavenly Light and Love; just as the Sourness, Astringency, and Bitterness of a Fruit, are Nothing else but the first JForms of its own vegetable Life before it has reached the Virtue of the Sunx and the Spirit of the Air.

And as a Fruit, if it had a Sensibility of it-, self, would be full of Torment, as soon as it was shut up in thcfirst Forms of its Life, in its own Astringency, Sourness, and Stinging Bitterness; So the Angels, when they had turned back into these very fame first Forms of their own Life, and broke off from the Heavenly Light and Love of God, they became their own Hell. No Hell was,made for them, no


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