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Letters on the Aesthetical Education of Man

Friedrich Schiller

My Man Jeeves

P. G. Wodehouse

The Souls of Black Folk

W. E. B. DuBois

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A. Conan Doyle

An explanation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

by M. F. Howley (bp.)



unpretentious little volume is republished from an old print, and has been carefully revised and much improved by Right Rev. Bishop Howley. It was intended primarily for the instruction and. edification of Catholics, that by a better understanding of the great central act of divine worship, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, they may reap therefrom richer profit to their souls.

At the same time, these explanations may serve to satisfy the curiosity, more or less reverent, of non-Catholics who may sometimes witness the solemn, but to them mysterious, services in a Catholic church. Seldom do we find amongst our Protestant friends one who knows anything about our holy religion, its teaching and its practices, except the absurdities which from childhood he has been taught to believe concerning it. It is not uncommon to meet those who have never read a Catholic book or ever entered a Catholic church. Some may not care to hear the truth if it contradicts their deeply-rooted prejudices, and many are, alas ! utterly indifferent to the higher life, — to the relations of the soul with God; but there must be some honest minds ready to follow where the kindly light of truth may lead them. If the providence of God should put this little book into the hands of any such truth-loving non-Catholics, we hope it may show them the reasonableness and the sublime significance of those solemn ceremonies and beautiful prayers which to the unfriendly or unsympathetic eye may seem like " empty forms," but which we Catholics intend for the expression of our most reverent and loving worship of the God-Man, Jesus Christ, whom we see with the eyes of faith really and truly present on our altars, where He offers Himself to His Heavenly Father, renewing daily the awful Sacrifice of Calvary. It is not within the scope of this modest little book to prove at length the Real Presence and the reality of the Sacrifice of the Mass as the continuation of the Sacrifice of the Cross ; but, taking that for granted, as believed by Catholics, the purpose is to show the reason and the meaning of the solemnity with which the Church reverently surrounds that Real Presence and true Sacrifice.

May these pages lead some soul to the better knowledge and greater love of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Son of Mary, true God and true Man, who died on the Cross for our sins, and who continues to immolate Himself on our altars and dwell in His Real Presence in our tabernacles.

Chapter Page

III. — The Gospel 3-",

Creed 37

Offertory . . 38

Orate Featkes 41

Secret I'uaver 42

Preface 4:i

IV. — The Canon Of The Mass 45

Prayers For The Church 4t!

PRAYERS FOR THE ClIIEP Blsllor . . . 4(i

Memento For The Living 47

Communicantes 48

Consecration 53

Ends Of The Sacrifice 50

Memento For The Faithful Departed, 57

V. — The Our Father (il

Pax Domini <!5

Agnus Dei (i(,

Prayers Before Keceivim; G7

Communion In One Kind G8

Form Of A Spiritual Communion . . 7G

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