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The Secret Doctrine, Volume II Anthropogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

The Bhagavad Gita


The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas

My Man Jeeves

P. G. Wodehouse

An introduction to poetry

by Jay Broadus Hubbell


Shakespeare, William: No Longer Mourn for Me

When I Am Dead 273

Shakespeare, William: To Me, Fair Friend, You

Never Can Be Old .274

Spenser, Edmund: What Guile is This, that those

her Golden Tresses 275

Sidney, Sir Philip: Come, Sleep! O Sleep, the Certain

Knot of Peace 276

Drayton, Michael: Since There's No Help, Come Let

us Kiss and Part 277

Milton, John: On the Late Massacre in Piedmont . 278

Wordsworth, William: London, 1802 278

Wordsworth, William: The World is Too Much with «.

Us 279

Byron, Lord: Sonnet on Chillon 280

Shelley, Percy Bysshe: Ozymandias 281

Keats, John: On the Grasshopper and Cricket . . 282

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett: How Do 1 Love Thee? 283

Bridges, Robert: Who Builds a Ship 284

Brooke, Rupert: The Soldier —► 284

Arnold, Matthew: Shakespeare 285

Watson, Sir William: Written in Mr. Sidney Lee's

Life of Shakespeare 286

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth: Oft Have I Seen at

Some Cathedral Door 287

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth: O Star of Morning

and of Liberty 287

Masefleld, John: Now They Are Gone with All Their

Songs and Sins 288

Masefleld, John: / Never See the Red Rose Crown

the Year 289

Masefleld, John: On Growing Old 290

Robinson, Edwin Arlington: Firelight 290

Robinson, Edwin Arlington: Souvenir 291

Wordsworth, William: Scorn Not the Sonnet ... 292

Watts-Dunton, Theodore: The Sonnefs Voice ... 293

VIII. The Old French Forms 294

Lang, Andrew: Ballade to Theocritus, in Winter . . 295

Lang, Andrew: Ballade of the Southern Cross . . 296

Dobson, Austin: A Ballad of Heroes 297

Dobson, Austin: The Prodigals 299

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel: The Ballad of Dead Ladies . 300

Chaucer, Geoffrey: To Rosemounde, a Balade . . 303

McCrae, John: In Flanders Fields 304

Napier, Eliot: All Men Are Free 304


Robinson, Edwin Arlington: The Dark Hills ... 462 Robinson, Edwin Arlington: Monadnock Through the

Trees 463

Lindsay, Vachel: The Eagle That Is Forgotten . . 464

Masters, Edgar Lee: George Gray 466

Masters, Edgar Lee: John Hancock Otis .... 467

Tagore, Rabindranath: A Prayer for India .... 469 Mordaunt, Major Thomas O.: Sound, Sound the

Clarion 471

Kipling, Rudyard: Recessional 472

• Seeger, Alan: / Have a Rendezvous with Death . . 474

Ledwidge, Francis: Soliloquy (in part) .... 475

Binyon, Laurence: For the Fallen 476

Sassoon, Siegfried: Song-books of the War .... 478

Noyes, Alfred: Kihneny 479

Sandburg, Carl: A. E. F 480




The seasons change, the winds they shift and veer;

The grass of yesteryear

Is dead; the birds depart, the groves decay:

Empires dissolve and peoples disappear:

Song passes not away.

Captains and conquerors leave a little dust,

And kings a dubious legend of their reign;

The swords of Caesars, they are less than rust:

The poet doth remain.

William Watson: "Lachrimce Musarum"

"the future of poetry is immense, because in poetry, where it is worthy of its high destinies, our race, as time goes on, will find an ever surer and surer stay." We can think of no better way of beginning a poetic anthology than by quoting this opening sentence of Matthew Arnold's Introduction to Ward's English Poets. These words are as true today as they were half a century ago when they were written. For "Poetry," as Wordsworth said, "is as immortal as the heart of man." If poetry is not immortal, it is at any rate more nearly so than anything else made by man. No one, in fine, can afford to remain indifferent to this great and imperishable possession of the race.

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