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The Secret Doctrine, Volume II Anthropogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde

Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman

Anecdotes of distinguished persons, chiefly of the last and two preceding centuries

by William Seward


" head

" head became diftempered, which put her upon im" pertinencies, and indeed I was troubled thereat; " for I propounded feveral queftions in divinity to " her;'as—By whom, and on what account, Hie "expefted falvation ? and, What aflurances Ihe " had of the certainty thereof? Though in other " things fhe talked at random, yet at the fame time " to fuch queftions as thefe Ihe gave me as good '! an anfwer as I could poffibly defire or expeft; " and at thefe times I bid her repeat after mecer« tain prayers and ejaculations, which fhe always " did with much devotion, which was no little " comfort and admiration to me, that God fhould " be fo good and gracious to her.

" A little before her dear foul departed, I was " gone to bed; (he fent for me to pray with her: " I got up and went to her, and afked her how fhe '' did. Her anfwef was, that fhe was but looking. " when the good fhould come ; and thereupon we " went to prayers.

*' She had her anfwers in the Common Praycr" Book as perfec l as if fhe had been in perfed " health, and an Amen to every pathetic expref" fion. When we had ended our prayers for the ." Vifitation of the Sick, we made ufe of thofe " prayers which are'in the book called the Whole " Duty of Man; and when I heard her fay no"thing, I urged her, and faid, My dear, doft !' thou mind ? — Yes, was the laft word which

". fhe


'5 fhe fpokc. I queftion not, my dear hearts, but, f that the reading of thefe lines will caufe many " fait tears to fpring from your eyes. Yet this " may be fome comfort to you, to think (as I " conclude) your dear mother a glorious Saint in 5' Heaven. , .

" I could have told you of many more of ." your dear mother's excellent virtues, but I hope " that you will not in the leaft queftion my tefti" mony, if in a few words I tell you that fhe was " pious and upright in her converfation.

*'' Now to that God who beftowed thefe graces " on her, be afcribed all honour, glory, and do" minion, the juft tribute of all created Beings, 5' for evermore.— Amen.




Eyam, Sept. i, 1666.

' '-' Honoured and Dear Sir,

"this is the faddeft news that ever my pen "could write! The Deftroying Angel having " taken up his quarters within my habitation, my " deareft Dear is gone to her eternal reft, and is

" invefted

* Patron of the Living of Eyam. '

" inverted with a crown of righteoufnefs, having " made a happy end.

" Indeed, had (he loved herfelf as well as me, " ftie had fled from the pit of deftruftion with her " fweet babes, and might have prolonged her days, " but that fhe was refolved to die a martyr to my " intereft. My drooping fpirits are much re" frefhed with her joys, which I think are iln" utterable.

" Sir, this paper is to bid you a hearty farewell " for ever, and to bring you my humble thanks " for all your noble favours (and I hope that you " will believe a dying man). I have as much love " as honour for you, and I will bend my feeble " knees to the God of Heaven, that you, my dear .'' Lady, and your children, and their children, " may be bleft with external and eternal happi" nefs, and that the fame blefling may fall upon " my Lady SunJerland and her relations.

" Dear Sir, let your dying Chaplain recommend " this truth to you and your family, that no hap" pinefs nor folid comfort can be found in this ''vale of tears like living a pious life; and pray " ever retain this rule, Never to do any thing upon " which you dare not firft aflc the blefling of God l' upon the fuccefs thereof.

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