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Esoteric Buddhism

A. P. Sinnett

The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas

Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman

The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

Arthur Edward Waite

Anecdotes of some distinguished persons

by William Seward


« After my arrival at Paris, s, in a sew days, "embarked to see the l'uraclete, being at the head '* of the Seine almost, and within two miles of a '' town called Nogent sur Seine.

u In the evening of the second day, having *' travelled all night, we arrived at Nogent sir "Seine. On my landing, it was very natural ** to wilh a little exercise, after a boat-confine u ment of near three days; and, on asking how "far off the Convent of Paraclete was situate,

*' the *' the Captain answered, That man in die purple "livery is servant to the Abbess—is come here "for letters, parcels, and other like commissions "from Paris, as usual on the arrival of our boat; *' and he will conduct you there.

"The moon shone very bright; and it being '* near the vintage, do consess 1 never had a more tt elegant evening walk, I foon found, as the "clock struck ten on our approach to the Cost"vent, that it would be impossible to reconnoitre '' anything that r.ight; but my walk was fo far "of service, besides exercise, that the servant had "taken care to spread the report of a Gentleman "who was come from England purposely, as he "thought and faid, on a pilgrimage to the Paraclete, "that next morning I found everything prepared •' to receive a stranger, according to all the laws '' of Convents; which are often hospitals (hospi"toilers)% as abounding in all the acts of hofpiM tality,

M You may imagine even the environs of « the Paraclete gave me pleasure, though J 'i could not be admitted till next day. The "little river Ardusfon glittered along the "valley; and as vineyards produce generally "many glow-worms, no wonder the nightingales "were inhabitants, as that is their favourite food. "And it may be a hint to frail beauty, that the

« bright'' brightness of the faid reptile is a sure step to its K destruction.

'* As I knew Mr. Pope's elegant production by "heart (I am aware many will fay I might have "spent my time betters but to this, 1 can answer 'c in the words of Cæfar's Courtiers, who faid of "their Master, that his memory was fo strong "as to forget nothing but injuries), I amused "myself by repeating slowly the faid Poem, as I "returned to Nogent, being little more than a '* good English mile; and it held, by this osco"nomy, just to the town's end.

u Though fo early at the Convent next morn'' ing, I found an elegant summer breakfast pro"vided in the Pere St Romain's apartment, who "was then ossiciating at matins. I rather chose "to enter the church, and was surprised to find "the great altar due west, contrary to all rules of "church building, and only countenanced by "one in Lombard-street, which is north and « fouth.

"On my standing up at the Grille (which "separates the choir from the church), one of the "Sisters (whose ossice it is to receive alms, and '' hear messages of business to any individual of "the Convent, fo practised in all Nunneries,) "asked me is I wanted any particular perfon. *' I told her, my errand was only to see the

"church; "church; on which she retired to her stall and *' devotion.

"The Pere St. Romain having sinished the *' service and undrest himself (I observed, while "he laid by his robes in the Sacristy, he repeated, "very sast, certain forms, alluding to the quitting *' all garments in the grave), took me by the hand * ' into his apartment, where I found another ,' Chaplain, yet neither fo polite or learned as him*' self; his same, even at Paris, being concurrent "with what 1 found during my whole stay.

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