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The Pictorial Key to the Tarot

Arthur Edward Waite

Theory of Colours

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Haunted Bookshop

Christopher Morely

Paradoxes of the Highest Science

Eliphas Levi

Athanasius De incarnatione

by Saint Athanasius (Patriarch of Alexandria)


based on his initial relation to the Creature . . 1


ii.-iii. Doctrine of Creation:

1.—Three erroneous views (ch. ii.) rejected:

The Epicurean (materialistic) as failing to

recognize a differentiating Principle . . 3 The Platonic (matter preexistent) as not satisfying the idea of God 4

The Gnostic (dualistic) as contradictory to

Scripture 4

2.—The true doctrine (ch. iii.) and its application

to the Creation of Man ....;">

This directly brings us to a

iv.-x. First Reason for the Incarnation:

By departing from the Word, men lost the Principle of Life, and were wasting away (ch. iv. v.) ... 7

God could neither avert nor suffer this (ch. vi.) . 10

The latter would argue weakness, the former changeableness (ch. vii.) on God's part 12

The Word alone could solve this dilemma (vii. 4). This done by his becoming man (viii.) and dying for us all (ix.). Reasonableness, and results of this (x.) . 13


xi.-xvi. Second Reason for the Incarnation:

In departing from the Word, men had also lost the
Principle of Heason, by which they knew God. In
spite of God's witness to himself, they were sunk in
superstition and degradation (xi.-xii) . . 19

How none but the Word could remedy this (xiii.-xiv.) 22
How he actually did so (xv.-xvi.). The incarnation,
a revelation of the Invisible Godhead .... 26
(Chapters xvii. xviii. explain this in further detail.)

xix. Transition to Second. Part:

The incarnation an irresistible revelation of God,
This is especially true of the Death of Christ . . 33


His Death:

xx. 1.—Why necessary 34

xxi.-xxv. 2.—Why death by Crucifixion—

a.—Why public, and not natural, but at the

hands of others (xxi.-xxiii.) ... 36 /3.—Why not of his own choosing (xxiv.) . . 41 y.—Why the Cross, of all deaths (xxv.) . . 42

His rising again:

xxvi. I.—Why on the third day . . ... 44 xxvii. 2.—Changed relation of Death to mankind . . 46 xxviii.-xxxii. 3.—Reality of his Resurrection—

This o.—To be tested by Experience (xxviii.) . . 47 jS.—Implied by its visible effects (xxix.-xxxi. 3) 49 y.—Involved in the Nature of the Incarnate

Word (xxxi. 4) 53

5.—Confirmed by what we see; as is the case
with all truth about the unseen God

(xxxii. 1-5) 54

i Summary of what is thus proved to be true (xxxii. 6) 55

A.—Refutation of Jews:

1.—From principles admitted by themi.e., from

prophecies relating to the Messiah . . 55 (Chapter xxxix. forms the step to the next

chapter) 66

xl. 2.—From facts: cessation of the Jewish dispensa-
tion, as foretold by Daniel .... 67

xli.-lvi. B.— Refutation of Gentiles:

1.—From principles admitted by tliem

o.—The Word, whose existence contemporary
philosophy allowed, might reasonably be
supposed to unite himself to some particu-
lar nature : consequently, to human nature

/3.—Reasons for his Union with Man in par-

7.—Reasons why man should not be restored by
a mere fiat

S.—Results of the Scheme actually adopted
2.—Refutation of Gentiles from facts

o.—Discredit and decay, since the coming of
Christ, of philosophic and popular pagan

6.—Influence of Christian morals on Society

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