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The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde

Theory of Colours

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment

Rudolf Steiner

Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman

Bed-time Bible stories for little children

by Gertrude Smith


nursie?" Little Boy said one evening.

"Well, yes, I believe she does," said nurse. "Do you want to hear a long story tonight, or a short one?"

"I want a short story, because all day Little Girl has been mean to me, and I want to tell Mother about her."

"Oh, oh," laughed nurse. "Mother doesn't like to have you tell her when sister has been naughty. I am sure Little Girl is sorry now!"

Little Girl shook her curly head,— "Tomorrow I'll be sorry, if Little Boy loves me and is good his ownself."

Little Boy kicked the bedclothes on his tiny bed.

"I'll tell mother you grabbed my apple, and slapped me!" he cried.

"You took the last piece of candy, and pulled my hair!" cried Little Girl, rolling over in her tiny bed and beginning to cry.

"I wish I could take a great broom, and sweep all naughty thoughts out of this room before sweet mother comes in to say good night," laughed nursie, and then she began to sing—

"Suffer little children to come unto me,
Forbid them not, forbid them not,
For of such is the kingdom of heaven."

Nurse sang these words to a homemade tune, in a clear voice. She sang them over and over.

"What makes you sing the same words over and over?" asked Little Boy crossly.

"I sing because your sweet mother told me to sing whenever you two were naughty," answered nurse.

"I know why mother told you to sing," Little Girl said, wiping the tears from her eyes. "Mother 'splained it to me. We are the little children that must come unto Him and be loving."

Just then mother opened the nursery door and came in. Oh, what a dear mother she was, and how Little Girl and Little Boy loved her!

"My little son does not look happy!" mother said in surprise. "Why, I see tears in little sister's eyes!"

"Tell the story of Cain and Abel," said Little Boy solemnly. "We have been naughty again."

Mother put her fingers quickly on her lips, and looked at nurse.

"Yes, they have been naughty," nurse said, "but they are sorry. I think they need not hear 'Cain and Abel' tonight, unless Little Boy wants it particularly."

3—Bed-Time Bible Stories "<J

"I want Cain and Abel particular," said Little Boy, kicking the bed clothes. "I feel mean in my heart. I pulled Little Girl's curls till she screamed."

Mother covered her face with her hands. Little Boy and Little Girl both knew that she was praying, and presently they covered their little faces with their little hands.

Nurse stole away and stood by the window, and looked out at the moonlight. I think she was praying, too.

After a moment mother looked up with a happy face and began the story—

"Cain and Abel were two dear brothers. Abel was a keeper of sheep— that is a shepherd. Cain was a tiller of the ground—that is a farmer.

"Abel's heart and thoughts were full of love and peace toward everyone.

"I can shut my eyes and imagine that I see Abel out on the sunny hill slopes watching his sheep! I imagine that I hear him singing songs of glad


"I imagine I see Abel, too," Little Girl interrupted, closing her eyes very tightly. "Abel has a glad face because he doesn't forget that 'God is Love.'"

"When father told the story he imagined Abel was playing a flute, and the sheep would stop and listen," Little Boy said.

"Yes," laughed mother, "we can imagine Abel had a flute, and sometimes when he played the sheep would stop and listen.

"Brother Cain was out in a field plowing. Poor brother Cain! Why do you look so unhappy? Why are you not singing at your work? The sun is shining for you just as it does for brother Abel. There are little birds in all the trees. If only your heart were full of love, how many people you could help, dear Cain.

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