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The Secret Doctrine, Volume I Cosmogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

The Worm Ouroboros

E. R. Eddison

The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Baltasar Gracian

The Secret Doctrine, Volume II Anthropogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

Bible illustrations

by John Spencer



Jonathan and his armour-bearer being upon their march against the Philistines, were to pass betwixt two rocks, the one called Bozez, which signifies sharp, the other called Seneh, which signifies thorny: a hard passage. But on they went through thick and thin, and at last gained the victory. The Israelites were first brought to the bitter waters of Marah, before they might taste of the pleasant fountains or the milk and honey of Canaan. And in vain shall any man expect the river of God's pleasures before he hath pledged Christ in the cup of bitterness; when we have pledged him in his gall and vinegar, then he will drink to us in the new wine of his kingdom. He that is the door and the way hath taught us that there is but one way, one door, one passage to heaven, and that a straight one, through which, though we do pass with much pressure and tugging, having our superfluous rags torn away from us here in the crowd of this world, yet we shall be happy. He that will be knighted must kneel for it, and he that will enter in at the strait gate must crowd for it: a gate made so on purpose, narrow and hard in the entrance, yet, after we are entered, wide and glorious, that, after our pain, our joy may be the sweeter.


It is related of Tecelius, the Pope's pardon-monger in Germany, that having, by the sale of indulgences, scraped together a vast sum of money, and returning to Rome, was met and eased of his cash by a robber, who being afterwards apprehended and prosecuted as a felon, produced a pardon not only for sins past but sins to come, granted unto him by Tecelius himself, and being thereupon acquitted by the judge, enjoyed the booty, which, being ill-gotten, was as wickedly spent. And thus it is that ill-gotten goods seldom prosper, they have a poisonous operation in them, bringing up the good food together with the ill humours. He that hath any such hath but locked up a thief in his closet, that will rob him of all that he hath; he may heap up silver as the dust, and prepare raiment as the clay; he may prepare it, but the just shall put it on, and the innocent shall divide the silver. For when a man, out of a covetous desire of gain, shall make a marriage with mammon, and give a bill of divorce to Jesus Christ, care not which way nor how he scrapes up wealth so as he have it, then it is just with God to blast his hopes, and blow upon his estate, that all shall come to nought.


Philip, Duke of Austria, paid the ambassadors of Charles IV. (who had betrayed their trust) in counterfeit coin; whereof when they complained, it was answered, "That false coin is good enough for false knaves." James I., king of Scotland, was murdered in Perth, by Walter, earl of Athol, in hope to have the crown, and crowned he was indeed, but with a crown of red-hot iron clapped upon his head, being one of the tortures wherewith he ended at once his wicked days and devices. And Guy Fawkes, that Spanish pioneer, should have received his reward of five hundred pounds at an appointed place in Surrey, but, instead thereof, he had been paid home with a brace of bullets for his good service, if justice had not come in with a halter by way of prevention. Thus traitors have always become odious, though the treason were commodious. Let those kill Christs, and those state traitors, Sheba, Shebna, &c., all disturbers of present government, be never so industrious in contrivance, never so confident in the effecting of their treacherous designs, let them plot on, whet their wits, beat their brains, associate, confederate, take counsel together, break vows, promises, and covenants, swear and forswear, yet all shall come to nought; they are heavenly wide, quite out, they shall miss of their purpose, and meet with disappointment, and the just judgments of God upon them and their posterity in the conclusion.


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