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Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Hermenie Templeton Kavanagh

Further Adventures of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

The Art of Worldly Wisdom

Baltasar Gracian

Esoteric Buddhism

A. P. Sinnett

Books relating to the history of Georgia in the library of Wymberley Jones De Renne, of Wormsloe, Isle of Hope, Chatham County, Georgia

by Wymberley Jones De Renne


8vo. Longmans, Gren & Co., London. 1871.

Bethesda, An historical sketch of Whitefield's House of Mercy in Georgia, and of the Union Society, his Associate and Successor in philanthropy. By Thomas Gamble, Jr.

8vo. Morning News printers, Savannah. 1902.

An Extract of the Rev. John Wesley's Journal from his embarking for Georgia to his return to London.

12mo. pp. 75. Printed by S. & F. Farley, and sold at their PrintiugOffice in Castle-Green; at the new School House in the Horse-Fair, and by the Booksellers in Town & Country. Bristol, 1740.

A calm Address to our American Colonies by John Wesley, M. A. 8vo. pp. 24. Printed by Bonner & Middleton in Castle-Green, Bristol,


A grave answer to Mr. Wesley's calm Address to our American Colonies by a Gentleman of Northumberland. pp. 4. Both bound together.

'' To which is added two facsimile pages. One ofJohn Wesley's Diary & one of his hymns, written in Georgia in 1736."

The Wesley By-Centenary Celebration in Savannah, Ga. Wesley's only American Home. June 25-29. 19o3. 8vo. Morning News. Savannah 19o3.

The Heart of John Wesley's Journal with an Introduction by Hugh Price Hughes, M. A., and an Appreciation of the Journal by Augustine Burrell, K. C, Edited by Percy Livingston Parker.

8vo. Fleming H. Revel Co. London.

A letter to the Rev. Mr. John Wesley occasioned by his calm address to the American Colonies. By Caleb Evans M. A. 12mo. Printed by William Pine. Messrs. Dillys in London. 1775.

A Vindication of the Rev. Mr. Wesley's ''Calm Address to our American Colonies:'" in three letters to Mr. Caleb Evans: By John Fletcher. Vicar of Madeley. Salop. 3rd edition corrected. 12mo. London, 1776.

A Vindication of the Rev. Mr. Wesley's "Calm Address to our American Colonies:" in some letters to Mr. Caleb Evans. By John Fletcher. Vicar of Madeley. Salop. 12mo. London, 1789.

A Reply to the Rev. Mr. Fletcher's Vindication of Mr. Wesley's Calm Address to our American Colonies. By Caleb Evans, M. A. 12mo. Bristol 1775.

An Old Fox tarred and feathered: Occasioned by what is called Mr. John Wesley's "Calm Address to our American Colonies" pp. 18. 8vo. Extract from Pamphleteer. London. 1775.

Martyrologium Christianorum, oder Christliches Martyrer Buch.

M. Paul Jacob Eckhardt.

4to Jiiterbog. No date.

'' One Copper plate Frontispiece.''

Ausfuhrliche Historic derer Emigranten oder vertriebenen Lutheraner, aus dem Erz-Bissthum Saltzburg.

4to. Two thick Volumes. Johann Michal Teubern. Leipzig, 1732. '' Copper plates & maps.''

Halfeldische Freude iiber die denen Saltzburgischen Emigranten, etc. Johann Muthman.

12mo. Leipzig & Ziillichow, 1733. ''One Copper plate (8 scenes) Frontispiece."

Eight "Saltzburgischen Predigten und Reden."

4to. Leipzig, 1732.

Eight "Nachrichten der Saltzburgischen Emigranten."

4to. 1732.

Ten "Relationen und Nachrichten der Saltzburgischen Emigranten."

4to. 1732.

Etwas Zur Historic derer Emigranten aus dem Ertz-Bissthum Saltzburg. M. Johann Friedrich Giihling. 4to. Chemnitz. 1732.

Kurtze Relation aus dem vom 5, 6, und 12, Nov. 1734, ausEngel land erhaltenen theils geschribenen theils gedruckten Brieffen von dem in Gravesend und London angelangten aus 57 Kopffen bestehenden und nach Georgien in West-Indien gehenden zweiten Transport Saltzburgischen Emigranten, etc., etc. 4to. 1734.

Der Saltzburgischen Emigranten Freudenmiithige und hochstgesegnete Wanderschafft, etc. 4to. Niirnberg, 1732.

''Large Route map by land & Sea & Five large Copper plates.''

Die Sammlung und Fiihrung des IVten Transports Saltzburgischen Emigranten, etc. Samuel Urlsperger. 4to. Halle, 1741,

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