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Baltasar Gracian

The Characters of Theophrastus


The Haunted Bookshop

Christopher Morely

The Souls of Black Folk

W. E. B. DuBois

Boxiana; or, Sketches of ancient and modern pugilism

by Pierce Egan


rate the human frame, and inculcate those principles of generosity and heroism, by which the inhabitants of the English Nation are so eminently distinguished above every other country, is the sole reason of dedicating to the attention of Captain Barclay, the work entitled—BOXIANA; or, Sketches Of Ancient And Modern Pugilism.

To those, Sir, who prefer effeminacy to hardihood—assumed refinement to rough Nature—and to whom a shower of rain can terrify their polite frames suffering from the unruly elements—i©r i who would inMinmipdi Pugilism, if Boxing was not ■so shijckingly, vulgar—the following work can., hafte^-Hp* interest whatever. But to persons, Sir, who, like yourself, feel that Englishmen are not, automata, and however the advantages/©ft discipline may serve for the precision and movement of great bodies, that it would ultimately lose its effects, were it nO^ animated by that native spirit, which has been found

to originate, in a great measure, from what the fastidious term—vulgar Sports, Box* Iana will convey amusement, if not information. ^ i !i ii| i ii' ,t . ino'i'ei 'i..'.' ni.v 'i: .' ,:.!il -., ,,,ui \'^:\ The cause, Sir, ought not to be lost sight df in the effect—and the alacrity of theh Tar, iri serving his gun, the daring intrepidity of the British Soldier in mounting the Breach, producing those brilliant Victories which have reflected so much honour on the English Nation—may be traced to something like these sources ; sources which impart generosity to' ^he mind, and humanity to the heart, by instilling those unalterable principle in the. breast of every Briton, not to take an unfair advantage of his antagonist. This trait cannot be more nationally illustrated than in the instance of a British Sailor, at the taking of Fort Omoa, who, being in possession of two swords, and suddenly meeting an enemy destitute of any weapon of defence, with unparalleled manliness and generosity, divided


An Englishman will take hit part,
With courage prime, and noole heart |
Either forgive, or resent offence—
And bang-up in hit own defence.
No sword or dagger—nor deadly Hat—
And rise or fall but by h\s flit /
The battle's o'er—all made amends,
By shaking hands, becoming friends.

John Bull


To whom we are indebted for the first principles of Boxing is completely uncertain, it appearing that few, if any, of our learned Antiquarians, by not possessing a taste for the Fancy,* have felt themselves more interested in endeavouring to ascertain the authenticity of an old monument or ancient coin, than that of investigating into the animuted traits of Pugilism; darkness, of course, clouds it origin ; and whether our first parent, Adam, had any pretensions to this art, is also involved in too great obscurity, at this remote period, for us to

• As many of our readers may not be flash to the above term, It perhaps becomes necessary to state, that it simply means, any person who Is fond of a particular amusement, or closely attached to some subject: a lively instance fortunately presents Itself In illustrating the phrase beyond •11 doubt—as the old woman observed, when she kissed her cat, that R was—" her fancy I"

Vol. I. B

penetrate into with any possibility of success. It therefore must remain enveloped—for it would be sheer gammon indeed, were we to get our readers into a string, by swelling out the half of Boxiana in striving to prove, from musty records and mouldy papers, to whom were entitled the honours of being denominated—Its First Professors. We disdain such subterfuge, firmness is our motto—and upon a striking subject, like the present, we shall decide for ourselves; perfectly coinciding in the deliberate opinion lately delivered by a distinguished law chief, in the most grave and solemn assembly in the kingdom, that precedents often betray* ignorance, however,great the celebrity their authors might have acquired.

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