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Lieut. Gen1 Williamson

N. B. This Letter also sent by Pacquet, which

sail'd on the 19th June.

To The Board Of Ordnance.

New York 18th June 1779.

My Lord dfc Hon"" Gent",

Mr Commissary Grant informs me that the immediate pressing Demands upon him on Account of Pay Lists and Company's Abstracts for this Month, outstanding small Accounts, and Cash which he has borrow'd to supply the most Urgent Calls, amount to no less than £5384.10.9 Sterling—that is likewise due to the Ships and Craft employ d in the Service upwards of £6000 more, and that he has no Cash in hand to defray any part of it.

I have been desirous of postponing as long as possible, the making Draughts upon the Board, while the Scarcity of Money here continues so great at present as to sink the best private Bills upon England ten per cent below Par, and those from the Publick Departments to Seven & half per cent—but as every Thing must yield to Necessity, so am I now oblig'd to consent to the Paymaster's drawing upon these disadvantageous Terms, and have attested Bills to the Extent of £3000, as a temporary Supply, which I hope may be sufficient, 'till the arrival of the Fleet, which is hourly expected. I have the Honor to be, with due Respect, <fec

The Board of Ordnance

To Captain Traille.

New York 29th June 1779.


I receiv'd your Letter of the 27th Instant, enclosing one to you from Lieut Douglas, both which I communicated to the Major General, who desires you will make a particular Report of the Posts atStoney & Verplanks Point, specifying the Disposition & Nature of the Guns, the Proportion of Stores at present there, and what you may judge necessary to be added to it—Your Letter, as well as Lieut Douglas's being expressed in indefinite Terms, the General is at a Loss how to proceed 'till he receives, a distinct Return of the whole from Yourself.

Lieut Douglas mention's only 71 Round Shot for the two 4 PTM at Verplank's Point, whereas the Fanny Sloop was sent up the 17th Inst, with 400 four Pound Sliot, for those two Guns, and two others she brought from hence, with a Proportion of Stores, but as you have not reported her Arrival, the General is apprehensive some Accident may have detained her, as he expected she would have been unloaded & sent back to New York before this time; He is also extreamly surprized to find the Chief Engineer has not begun the Powder Magazine on the Summit of the Hill, that was agreed upon, before he left the Post; and that it can be imagined Government is to be put to the Expence of a Transport being constantly Employ'd to serve that Purpose only.—The General also desires to be informed, if the Magazine which was finished before he came away, is not capable of containing all the Powder & Stores, 'till the other is built; and in that Case, desires the Russia Merchant Transport, may lie returned to York, with the 10 Inch Mortar &e agreeable to former Orders.

Travelling Magazines will be ordered to be made immediately, and the whole of your Demand complied with as soon as the above mention'd Return shall be received—Lieut. Douglas will report to j'ou, what JVvmber of Tents <§• Camp Kettles are wanted and for what Detainment, which cannot be conjectured from his Letter toyou, as Lieut. Smith's Detachment, which he took the Command of, were compleated with all those Articles.—

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