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William Thackery

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A. Conan Doyle

Shakti and Shakta

John Woodroffe

Letters on the Aesthetical Education of Man

Friedrich Schiller

Coryat's crudities

by Thomas Coryate


As mollifying Cataplafmes to the Tumors, Carnosities, cr difficult Pimples, full of Matter, appearing in the Authors Front, conflated of Stiptikeand Glutinous Vapours arising out of the Crudities:

The Heads whereof are particularly pricked and pointed out by letters for the Readers becter vnderstanding.

First, th' Author here glutteth Sea, Haddocke and Whiting
With spuing, and after the world with his writing.

Yee Haddocks twixt Douer and Calais, * fpeake Greeke;
For Tern si Id your mawes with it in Whitfun J weeke.


THough our Author for's Venerie felt no whips smart,
Yet fee here he rides in a Picardie Cart.


THis Horse pictur'd sliowes, that oar • Tatttr-ic-maHlan Did ride the French Hackneyes, and lye with th' Italian.


Our Author in France rode on Horse without stirrop,
And in Italie bathed him seise in their syrrop.

Hit loue to strange Horses he sorteth out prettilie.
He rides them in France, and lies with them in Italie.

E hath crost i Sea and 2 Land, now the cloudes (faith the text)
Of th'Ayre3he is climbing; 'ware Tom, 4 Fire is next.


Ere to his Land-Friggat he's serried by Charon,
He bords her; a seruice a hot and a rare one.


Here to a Tutch-hole he's row'd by his Gondelier,
That fires his J Linstocke, and empties his Bandolier.


Ere his Friggat (hootes egs at him empty of Chickens,
Because slice had made his purse empty of Chicquins.

Here (hee pelts him with egges, he faith of Rose water;
But trust him not Reader, 'twas some other matter.

* A word that in the Helvetian tongue s.gnificth a ragged traueller.

1. 1. 3. 4. The foure Elements.

t That is, the beauty of her countenance, and sweet smatches of her lip' did enflame his tongue with a diuine & fierye enthusiasm--, and e i.ptyed the Bandolier of h'u conceipts, & inuentions, for that time.



N vaine here doth Coyote pipe and dispute,
His wench was, Iewes will not be caught with his flute.


Tby Cortizan dipt thee, ware Tom, I aduise thee,
And flie from the Iewes, lest they circumcise thee.


HE longs for sweet grapes, but going to steale 'em,
He sindeth four graspes and gripes from a Dutch * Sitlum,


Here is the combat our Author may glorie as,

With Halberd the £o»r* layes on, and with Greeke Ctrjat,


HEre is his Trophee victoriously dight
With cafe, (hoes, and stockings, and lice put to flight.


See here his poore cafe, his shoes clowted with cunning,
His stockings strong-smelling, and lice away running.

See onr louse-bitten Travellers ragged deuice,
Of cafe, shoes, aud stockings, and Canniball lice.

This Gibbet the false case and hose doth requite,
That harbour'd the Vermine that their Maister did bjte.


T^HIS should be his picture, 'tis rather his Embleme,
For by §(K) it notes him, though't little J resemble him

.• ARascall in Dutch.

$ Ai being the sirst letter of his name in Greeke.

X But you differ in opinion (Mr. Laurtnct) from all my other friendes that haue compared together the counterfeited and the lining sigure.

[b.] Or,

This picture vnlike him, showes hee's not come home as
He went, but chang'd, and turn'd trauelling Thomas.

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