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Christopher Morely

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Lewis Carroll

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John Woodroffe

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Hermenie Templeton Kavanagh

Death is birth

by Henry Aaron Budington




Man is a product of the earth, just as much as is an orange. First nebulous matter condenses and forms the solar globe. Our earth is born of this globe. Eons of time pass as the earth is cooling and making ready for the production of organic life.

The order is, first protoplasmic life; then vegetable life, then animal life.

The first man was but little superior to his animal ancestor. Ages pass before man develops the front brain, made necessary for his protection from his hostile environment. Thinking how to live better and how to make better homes, better weapons, better tools, makes deposits of cells upon the front brain convolutions, and his head gradually changes ; move front brain, less back brain.

At last he discovers that he is placed upon this earth to prepare for a higher life—the spiritual life, the life after death, which is the next stage in his evolution.

All this struggle to live, all this effort to protect himself from the hostile forces of nature, climate, cold, heat, hunger, and mental stagnation, are so many disciplinary means which lift man higher in his mental and spiritual aspirations.

Finally he arrives at full age. Nearly a century of earth life—nearly a century of contact with earth matter, of study on its nature and its laws, of reflection on its fruitful lessons of experience, has ripened him for the spiritual life. He has seen a generation pass on to the invisible world. The graves of his friends are scattered over the land. He has seen his earth ties loosened. Lonely and decrepid, he no longer clings to earth. His thoughts are turned to the world of light and beauty, from which he has heard. Friends from the happy land beckon to him. He lies down upon the couch of death. In the morning the body is dead. Then follows the funeral, and the body is consigned to the grave.


How much better would be cremation. Cremation is neat, clean, pure and healthy. It leaves nothing but ashes to fall upon the soil.

Burial fills the air with impure gases. Burial pollutes the water of the earth. Burial spreads disease germs abroad and causes some of the living to be afflicted with like diseases. Burial makes a bad use of land, which should be occupied for homes, for agriculture, and for other purposes, useful to the living.

Cremation is less expensive, hence a blessing to the poor. Funeral expenses should be kept down, and property left by the dying, devoted to the good of the living.

But some will say, will not the cremation of the body hinder the resurrection of the body in the last day?

In answer, I will say if the doctrine of the final resurrection of the body is true, cremation would make no difference, for in earth burial after a few years, there is nothing but bones and hair, and even these fall to pieces in coming to the air, after a century of deposit.

The human body is three quarters water. All that evaporates. The roots of trees often enter the coffins and absorb all that is nourishing to them. In a few hundred years, there is not as much left of even the bones, as is left after cremation. If the spirit wanted to clothe itself again with the particles which once composed its earth body, it could attract those particles just as easily from the earth and atmosphere, after cremation as after burial.

But is it sensible to believe that a spirit like Moses, who has lived four thousand years, without his earth body will ever desire to again put it on ? I think not. Those passages in the New Testament which treat of the resurrection, should refer to the rising of the spirit out of the earth body; they should not refer to ai^ resurrection of the actual physical body.

My studies and discoveries in spiritual science, enforced by messages from my spirit friends, have compelled me to conclude that there is to be no resurrection of the old body ; all that ever rises from the body, rises at death. Death makes a complete and everlasting separation between the earth body and the spirit body. We shall never have any further use for our earth bodies, hence let them be reduced to ashes.

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