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Letters on the Aesthetical Education of Man

Friedrich Schiller

The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Carlyle, Rudolf Steiner

Novalis Including Hymns to the Night

Novalis, George MacDonald, Thomas Carlyle

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Hermenie Templeton Kavanagh

Essays in the Intellectual Powers of Man

by Thomas Reid (Philosophe)



The value of these Essays as a sequel to Mr. Locke's great work, and as an analytical commentary upon the whole school of modern metaphysicians, being now fully appreciated, this edition has been prepared expressly as a standard class-book for collegiate institutions. Being written originally at different and distant periods, the connexion is, in many instances, not continuous,—former arguments are sometimes repeated, and new ones introduced without reference to those that have gone before. This inconvenience and ground of obscurity is here removed by a careful and exact enumeration of every argument urged by the author in support, or refutation, of a theory, in whatever part of the Essays it may have occurred, so that the chain of reasoning is completely united for the student's aid. Those passages in each section that are the most valuable or emphatic,— those, in general, that indicate the substance of the argument upon -which the remainder of the section is but a dilation, are embraced between brackets, and the principal terms to be noticed within those brackets, are printed in Italic letters. Another purpose to which these enclosed passages are applicable is to present, at once, the answers to the questions implied in the sectional heads, as well as to those proposed for self examination at the end of each chapter. The importance of heads or contents, either interrogatory or enunciative, to each section, as well as the division of the chapters into sections, are such obvious advantages in Mr. Locke's Essay, that the Editor has been induced to adopt the same plan in his revision of this work. It is proper to observe, however, that the questions for examination, the Arabic numerals introduced so frequently in the text to indicate the arguments and serve as links in the chain of demontration, and the foot notes, in every instance, are all to be placed to the praise or censure of editorial labours.

Lord Bacon, Locke, Berkeley, and Reid, imitating the manner of the ancient philosophers, have employed examples, or illustrations, of a character so appropriate, that they assume an appearance of demonstration. These instruments of practical education are also remarkable beauties of composition, and the attention of the student should be uniformly called to them. An end so desirable is here attained by prefixing an index B3F to each simile, analogy, or example; thus, in page 44, an index precedes the passage, " It may happen in science as in building, that an error in the foundation shall weaken the whole," &c.; and again, in page 304, the following, " The power of invention is not yet brought forth; but it is coming forward, and like the bud of a tree," &c. In the Table of Contents prefixed to this volume, the sectional heads are collected and arranged so as to form a complete and full synopsis of the Essays, and reference is facilitated by giving the page, chapter, and section of every head. Besides these adminicula to the study of the Author's inimitable Essays, translations of the numerous quotations from Latin authors are introduced in their proper places.

In this volume all those parts of the Author's writings that are purely metaphysical are brought together,—his Analysis of Aristotle's Logic having hitherto only appeared in the appendix to the works of his friend Lord Kames.

G. N. W.

Coed Celyn, Llanrwst, Denbighshire, 1842.


20. Argument for the existence

of a Deity from final causes 456

21. Reduced to a syllogistic

form . . . ib.

22. The major premise rejected

by modern atheists and others . . .457

23. Hume joins the atheists of

latter times . . ib.




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