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Fletcher's appeal to matter of fact & common sense

by John Kingston


* Rev. Thomas Walsh, an able minister of the New Covenant, who after severe ministerial labors, accompanied with considerable success —much temptation—and awful desponding' sufferings, died in peace, an old man (in appearance) at the age of twenty-eight! in Ireland, his native country.

\ I fill an empty space.

so full of deceit, that I cannot depend on my knowledge of myself.

"The day Mr. Walsh died, the Lord gave our brethren the spirit of prayer and supplication, and many unutterable groans were offered up for him at Spitalfields, where I was. Who shall render us the same kind office? Is not our hour near? O my God, when thou comest, prepare us, and we shall be ready! You owe your children an elegy upon his death, and you cannot employ your talents on a better subject. J. F."

June 1st, he writes, "The Lord gives me health of body, and from time to time I feel strength in my soul.— O when shall the witness (meaning himself) who is dead, arise! When shall the Spirit enter into him, and fill him with wisdom, with power, and with love! Pray for me, and support my weakness as much as you can. I am here Umbra pro copore.* I preach as your substitute: come and fill worthily an office, of which I am unworthy. My pupils return to Cambridge on Monday, and the whole family sets out for Shropshire on the 11th. Shall I not see you before that time? I have rejected the offer of Dr. Taylor, and have no other temptations than those of a bad heart. That is enough, you will say; I grant it; but we must fight before we conquer. Pray that my courage may not fail. Come, and the Lord come with you! I am, fcc. J. F."


"He who engages himself to fight the battles of the Lord," says the Rev. Mr. Gilpin,f " has need of uncom

* A shadow rather than a substance.

t The Rev. Joshua Gilpin, the good rector of Wrockwardine Parish, near Madelv, in the county of Salop, (England,) and the excel


mon strength and irresistible arms; and if he be destitute of one or the other, he vainly expects to stand in the evil day. The christian warrior is exposed to a vast variety of dangers, and beset with innumerable enemies. His whole life is one continued scene of warfare, in which he wrestles sometimes with visible, and at other times with invisible adversaries. For the labours of this sacred warfare no man ever esteemed himself less sufficient than Mr. Fletcher. He ever considered himself as the weakest of Christ's adherents, and unworthy to follow his glorious standard. But while he boasted no inherent strength, and was ready to occupy the meanest post, he was regarded by his brethren as a man peculiarly strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. ^United to Christ, as the branch is united to the vine, he was constantly deriving abundant supplies of vigour from the fountain-head of power. And as the source of his strength was inexhaustible, so its operations were various and incessant. Now it was engaged in subduing sin ; and now, in labouring after that holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: there it inspired the courage of the mighty, and here it sustained the burdens of the weak: at one time it was discovered by resolution and zeal; at another, by resignation and fortitude: by the former, this man of God was enabled to grapple with his strongest enemy; by the latter, he was taught to endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ,

lent translator from French into English of Fletcher's Portrait of St. Paul. This most admirable work, at once the mirror and model for Christian pastors, was undertaken and nearly completed during Mr. Fletcher's last residence in Switzerland, where it was originally intended for publication. This work Mr. Gilpin enriched with copious traits of its precious author's character, and it is a pity that this truly exexcellent treatise is not more generally known and estimated in this country. Towards the end of the year 1806, Mr. Gilpin suffered a great fight of afflictions by the death of a dear and only child, who departed this life in the 19th year of his age, with heaven in his heart, and glory in the expectation of his hope. His young spirit went, we trust, to aid the veteran Fletcher in joining with cherubim and seraphim to laud and magnify God's holy name. Joshua Gilpin's most affectionate and tenderhearted father published an account of this surprising young man, under the title of a monument of parental affection to a dear and only son. It is, (says Dr. Inglis,) a most interesting piece of biography, equally classical in style, and evangelical in matter, pure alike in thought and in expression ; and the amiable youth the subject of it, in a remarkable degree exemplary. J. K.

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