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The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas

Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Hermenie Templeton Kavanagh

Vanity Fair

William Thackery

Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment

Rudolf Steiner

Forensic eloquence

by John Philpot Curran


• Question by a juror, Mr. Cowan—" Your sole motive was to counteract Mr. Jackson;—how has it happened that you gave so poor an account of many of the transactions, seeing that you

came for the purpose of giving evidence for government ?"

Answer—" I gave government as much intelligence as I could ; but did not expect to be called on as a witness on a trial."

Mr. Dejancourt deposed, That he held a place in the Post-of£ce ; that he found the letters marked No. 2, 5, and 6, in the Post-office on the night of the 24th of April 1794—that he intercepted them in consequence of having received previous orders from Government, to pay attention* to letters of that description, and that had handed them over to Mr. Hamilton.

Mr. Carleton deposed, That he had been employed to arrest Mr. Jackson, and did so on the 28th of April:—That he found him a bed in his room at Hyde's Coffee-House; that some papers were on the table, among which were No. 5 and 6, others were found in his trunk and pocket-book;—that the room door was not locked nor bolted; there was but one bed in the room —Mr. Jackson seemed very much surprized, when this deponent took his papers, and was very uneasy about one or two particular ones, but did not point them out ' Mr. Attorney General candidly admitted, that there were one or two paper* of a. private nature, that might give occasion for such uneasiness in the prisoner.

Mr. Smith proved the Letter marked No. 4.

"Mr. Mounsey, from London, proved an office copy of an Indictmcnt, and of an acquittal for the perjury mentioned by Cokayne.—

Here the following letters and written documents before referred to, were produced and read to the jury :—

Addressed to Mr. Beresiorn, Bask, Snitzerland.
SIR, Dublin, 24th April.

« YOU are requested to see Mr. Madgitt directly, and to inform him that two papers, containing the opinions of two of the first Counsel in the kingdom, relative to the family lawsuit, are sent over to him by this post. Mr. Madgitt has been wholly occupied since his arrival, in attending consultations and collecting the necessary materials. Your brother-in-law, with whom your friend Madgitt has been, has obtained the opioions of all good and honest lawyers on the subject; he may, therefore, pursue the recovery of his fortune, by hostile or pacific means, as he and his friends think proper.

" N. B. Your brother-in-law has written to your wife, in order to find out the sex of your child. I am told it is a fine boy, the picture of its father; in every respect sound—except the brain i"

To Mr. Wm. Stone.

Dear Sir,,

«« YESTERDAY your letter was delivered to me.—I am glad to find the papers have reached the parties for whom they were intended. From the silence of the parties, 1 was apprehensive the outrider had neglected the delivery. I do not see any thing in the late change of fashions, which alters my opinion of the stability of the new Institution, particularly as the firm of the house is still the same, and the opinions of the principals remain unchanged. In them I never have been able to detect the least inconsistency. The rest have been guilty of tergiversation.

" The state of manufactures in England, which your friend drew up, is very just, so far as it relates to England ; but the opinions of the people of England, with respect to the trade of your country are changed, so as to leave no hope of co-operation ; yet there are different opinions as to a treaty to be brought about by industry. I am promised a statement of the manufacturing branches here, which shall be sent to you, drawn by a sensible and able manufacturer. I shall obey the directions of your Sister-in-law, by not writing to her, which doca not however preclude me from requesting thaUyou will rerircmber me most affectionately to them and Mr.Nicholas ; let them know that I am well, and that I am doing every thing in my

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