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The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Carlyle, Rudolf Steiner

The Secret Doctrine, Volume II Anthropogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

Letters on the Aesthetical Education of Man

Friedrich Schiller

The Revolt of the Netherlands

Friedrich Schiller

Fruits of enterprize exhibited in the travels of Belzoni in Egypt and Nubia

by Lucy Sarah Atkins Wilson


Belzoni crosses the Desert attended by Scheik Grumar.—A man rushes out of some bushes.—Arrival at Zaboo.—Interview with the Scheik and Cady of El Cassar.—Belzoni goes to their village. —Discovers the seat of the Temple.—Meets with an unfortunate accident on his return to Zaboo.—Reaches Benisoeuf.—Arrives at Cairo Embarks for Europe.—Returns to England.




1. The Bashaw seated in his Garden on the Banks of the

Nile, shooting at an earthen Pot 19

2. The Bashaw jumping off the Insulating Stool .. ., 22

3. The Hydraulic Machine .. .. ,. 26

4. Young Memnon on its road to the Nile 35

5. Belzoni with two Arabs in a Mummy Cave .. .. 37

6. Belzoni introduced to Khalil Bey 45

7. The Inhabitants of Mainarty secreting themselves from

Belzoni and his Companions , .. .. 64

8. Mr. and Mrs. Belzoni in a Bark in the middle of the

Cataract 66

9. Bemoving the Sand from the Temple of Ybsambul .. 68

10. Placing the Colossus Head in a Boat 80

11. Belzoni in one of the Grottoes at Gournou Ill

12. Belzoni crossing the narrow Bridge to get into the Tomb 140

13. Some Turks appearing in the Valley for the purpose of

interrupting Belzoni 145

14. Belzoni viewing the Pyramid whilst his Companions enter it 152 Page

15. Inundation of the Nile, with the distressed State of the

Inhabitants of the Country 166

16. The Caravan setting out 170

17. The Boats of the Ababde Fishermen 193

18. Sailors ascending Pompey's Pillar 209

19. Belzoni's Distress in observing a part of the Obelisk in

the Water 214

20. The Boat with the Obelisk descending the Cataract .. 218

21. Scene near the Lake Moeris 227

22. A furious Hyena makes bis Appearance, to the great

Dismay of the Boatmen 228

33. A Man, alarmed at the Appearance of Belzoni and his

Companions,.presents his Gun, &c 238

24. Belzoni introduced to the Scheik and Cady of £1

Cassar. .. .. 245






" The last—the very last pyramid! dear Laura," exclaimed the little Bernard, as he climbed upon his sister's chair, and surveyed a sketch that she was copying, from one in a large folio volume.

" And now, when you have shaded the side of that pyramid, will you draw the wheel of my cart ? I am quite, quite tired of your tombs, and your pillars, and your ruins, and your monuments, falling this way and that way:—I would much rather know how to draw the spokes of the wheels of my little cart:—it is impossible for me to finish my picture ;—you see I have made my waggon turning down a shady lane,— it is evening—the lamps are lit on the posts— the moon is peeping behind the trees, and the smoke is vising from the chimnies of my carter's cottage—but my poor cart has no wheels because I cannot draw spokes—and now, is that tiresome pyramid done, dear Laura?"

" If you knew all that renders those pyramids so interesting to Laura, my love," said Bernard's mother, " you would not be in such great haste to see them finished; indeed I believe you would willingly give up the pleasure of seeing your own little picture completed, to watch your sister draw hers."

" Indeed, mamma!" exclaimed the lively boy—> where are they, and why do you think that the account of them will amuse me so much ?"

" My story is a long one," replied his mother, " so I will not begin it till after tea, and then we can go*on without interruption."

" Oh, mother ! that will be delightful! quite" delightful! for we can have a settled evening, and as to my cart, Laura may put in the spokes to.morrow—the wheels will not signify for ojie^ night, will they, mamma ?" exclaimed Bernard, and without waiting for an answer, he jumped up, fetched his little straw-hat from its hook in the hall, and ran across the lawn, to tell Owen and Emily, who were busily engaged training a white clematis round one of the pillars of the alcove. They quickly returned together. Tea was dispatched, and the cheerful group repaired to the library. The maps were laid open on the librafy table. Laura seated herself between her two brothers, and Emily, whose blue eyes sparkled with joy, placed herself by the side of her mother.

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