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The Revolt of the Netherlands

Friedrich Schiller

Esoteric Buddhism

A. P. Sinnett

The Secret Doctrine, Volume II Anthropogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

The Characters of Theophrastus


Gargantua and Pantagruel: Books 1-3, tr. by Urquhart

by Fran├žois Rabelais


Abstracted Soul, ravish'd with Ecstasies,
Gone back, and now familiar in the Skies,
Thy former Host, thy Body, leaving quite,
Which to obey thee always took delight;
Obsequious, ready. Now from motion free,
Senseless, and as it were, in Apathy.
Would'st thou not issue forth, for a short space,
From that Divine, Eternal, Heav'nly Place,
To see the Third Part, in this Earthly Cell,
Of the brave Acts of good Pantagruel.


OOD People, most Illustrious Drinkers, and you thrice-precious Gouty Gentlemen. Did you ever see Diogenes the Cynick Philosopher? If you have seen him, you then had your Eyes in your Head, or I am very much out of my Understanding and Logical Sense. It is a gallant thing to see the clearness of (Wine, Gold) the Sun. I'll be judg'd by the Blind, born so, renowned in the Sacred Scriptures; who having at his choice to ask whatever he would from Him who is Almighty, and whose Word in an Instant is effectually performed, aslCd nothing else but that he might see. Item, you are not young, which is a competent Quality for you to Philosophat more than Physically in Wine (not in vain) and henceforwards to be of the Bacchick Council; to the end that opening there, you may give your Opinion faithfully of the Substance, Colour, excellent Odour, Eminency, Propriety, Faculty, Virtue, and effectual Dignity of the said blessed and desired Liquor.

If you have not seen him (as I am easily induced to believe that you have not) at least you have heard some talk of him. For through the Air, and the whole extent of this Hemisphere of the Heavens, hath his Report and Fame, even until this present time, remained very memorable and renowned. Then all of you are derived from the Phrygian Blood (if I be not deceived). If you have not so many

THE Crowns as Midas had, yet have you something (I know not AUTHOR'S what) of him, which the Persians of old esteemed more of PROLOGUE in all their Otacusts, and which was more desired by the Emperor Antonine; and gave occasion thereafter to the Basilisco at Roan to be Surnamed Goodly Ears. If you have not heard of him, I will presently tell you a Story to make your Wine relish: Drink then, so, to the purpose; hearken now whilst I give you notice, (to the end that you may not, like Infidels, be by your simplicity abused) that in his time he was a rare Philosopher, and the chearfullest of a thousand: If he had some Imperfection, so have you, so have we; for there is nothing (but God) that is perfect: Yet so it was, that by Alexander the Great (altho' he had Aristotle for his Instructor and Domestick) was he held in such Estimation, that he wish'd, if he had not been Alexander, to have been Diogenes the Sinopian.

When Philip King of Macedon enterprised the Siege and Ruin of Corinth, the Corinthians having received certain Intelligence by their Spies, that he with a numerous Army in Battle Rank was coming against them, were all of them (not without cause) most terribly afraid; and therefore were not neglective of their duty, in doing their best Endeavours to put themselves in a lit posture to resist his Hostile Approach, and defend their own City.

Some from the Fields brought into the Fortified Places their Moveables, Bestial, Corn, Wine, Fruit, Victuals, and other necessary Provision.

Others did fortifie and rampire their Walls, set up little Fortresses, Bastions, squared Ravelins, digged Trenches, cleansed Countermines, fenced themselves with Gabions, contrived Platforms, emptied Casemates, barricado'd the false Brayes, erected the Cavalliers, repaired the Countrescarfes, plaister'd the Courtines, lengthned Ravelins, stopt Parapets, mortaised Barbacans, assured the Port-culleys, fasten'd the Herses, Sarasinesks and Cataracks, placed their Gentries, and doubled their Patrouille.

Every one did Watch and Ward, and not one was exempted from carrying the Basket.

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