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Girls' Christian names

by Helena Swan


In offering this little volume to the public, I lay no claim to original research. Having myself been the various eccentricities in the development of personal names, it has occurred to me that others too might find some interest in knowing whence and how their names originated. I have, therefore, tried to state the results of my own reading, in a purely popular form, in which all may discover at a glance the salient points about their names: whether they owe their existence to some personal beauty or defect of one who lived long centuries ago, to some quality that especially appealed to our ancestors, or to some passing event. The recently christened Modderina Belmontina Methuena Jones, Baden Harry Herbert Mafeking Francis, or that fifth ^ son of pious parents who was called Acts Apostles, will find little difficulty in tracing the i origins of their names ; but succeeding generations may well be puzzled by them.

The key to the meaning of some names has been lost; but in the case of most of those now in use some clue to their history, at any rate, Agapiains.

A'°^Only such names are treated of here as have Agaifair chance of being met with in everyday life


amongst English-speaking peoples, except in such cases as where, in the growth of a name, some form, once popular, has fallen out of use : it is then given to show how the present form was evolved.

In a few instances, where the names seemed to have a claim to be admitted, yet could not be said to be in general use, they have been inserted in the Index, together with their supposed meanings, but they will not be found in the body of the book.

I have gleaned my information wherever I have been able, limiting myself, however, to really authoritative writers. The chief of these have been Miss Yonge (History of Christian Names} and Dr G. Michaelis (Worterbuch der gebrauchlichsten Taufnamen), whilst for legendary and historical illustrations I have drawn freely upon a large number of such works as Dr Alban Butler's Lives of the Saints, Dr Wagner's Asgard and the Gods and Epics and Romances of the Middle Ages, the Rev. S. B. Gould's Curious Myths of the Middle Ages, Kennedy's Legendary Lore of the Irish Celts, and the Rev. Hilderic Friend's Flowers and Flower-lore.

H. S.


Abigail, I
Ada, 153, 2
Adah, 2, 153
Adel, T87
Adela, 188
Adelaide, 166
Adele. 188
Adelgis (Teutonic)

= noble pledge.
Adelgonde, 186
Adelheid, 188
Adelhild (Teutonic)

= noble battle-
A del hi Ida, 1B8
Adelina, 188
Adelinde, 188
Adeline, 186
Adeliz, 188
Adeliza, 188
Adolfina, 3
Adolfine, 3
Adolphina, 3
Adosinda (Teutonic)

= fierce strength. Adriana (Latin) =

from Adria. Aelfgifu (Anglo

Saxon) = elf-gift.
Aelfgiva, 171
Aella, 168
Aemilia, see Emily.
Aethelthryth, 187
Afra, 3
Affrica (Keltic) =

Agafia, 3
Agape (Greek) =

Agata, 3
Agatha, 3
Agathoina, 3

Aggie, 12
Agiltrude (Teu

tonic)= formidable


Agnes, 8
Agneta, 8
Aileen, 271
Aimable, 368
Aime (Latin)

see Amy.
Ala (Teutonic) =

Alatea (Greek) -

Alberta, 16
Albertine, 16
Albinia (Keltic) =

Alda (Teutonic) =

rich. Aldegonda, 188, 282 Aldgitha (Teutonic)

= noble gift.
Alethea, 27
Alexandra, 17
Alexandrina, 17
Alexandrovna, 18
Alexia, 17
Alfrida, 189
Alice, 186
Alicia, 188
Aline (Teutonic) =

Alisa, 188
Alison, 350
Alisoun, 352
Alix, 188
Alma, 26
Almeira, 27
Almeria, 27
Almira, 27
Aloisia, 350

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