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Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment

Rudolf Steiner

The Souls of Black Folk

W. E. B. DuBois

Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Hugh Lofting

God the teacher of mankind

by Michael Müller


The Holy Eucharist is the body and blood, the soul and the divinity, of Jesus Christ, under the appearances of bread and wine.

Indeed, the Holy Eucharist, or the Blessed Sacrament, is the true body and blood, the soul and divinity, of Jesus Christ, who is truly, really and substantially present under the outward appearances of bread and wine. This is a great mystery ; and in order the more to confirm our faith in it, we must consider:

I. How Jesus Christ prepared the minds of the people to believe in the mystery of the Holy Eucharist.

II. How Jesus Christ instituted the Holy Eucharist.

III. Why Jesus Christ hides himself in this great mystery.

IV. How Jesus Christ confirmed his followers in their faith regarding this great mystery.

V. How this faith is preserved and increased.

VI. Why Jesus Christ instituted the Blessed Sacrament.

VII. What virtues Jesus teaches us in the Holy Eucharist.

I. How Jesus Christ Prepared The People To Believe In The Holt Eucharist.

Ocr Saviour knew that if he were to teach the Jews and his disciples the new and wonderful doctrine of this mystery without having first prepared them for it, there would be scarcely found one to believe him. When God intends to do something very extraordinary, he generally prepares men for it by revealing to them beforehand, what he is about to do. Thus we know that, when he intended to destroy the world by the deluge, he made the. destruction known through Noah, a hundred years before it took place. Again, when the Son of God had become man, and was about to make himself known as the Redeemer of the world, he sent St. John the Baptist to prepare the people for his coming. Finally, when he intended to destroy Jerusalem, he foretold by the prophets the destruction of that city, and Jesus Christ has also described the signs by which men may know when the end of the world is at hand. God acts thus with men because he does not wish to overwhelm them by his strange and mysterious dealings. Hence, when our divine Saviour was about to tell the people that he intended to give them his flesh and blood-as food and drink for their souls, he prepared them for this mysterious doctrine by working an astounding miracle—the feeding of five thousand pe jple with five loaves and two fishes. Those who witnessed this miracle, were so filled with reverence for Jesus Christ, that they wished to take him by force and make him their king. But Jesus, perceiving this, fled from them. They found him again, however, on the following day; and then he took occasion, from the impression the miracle had made on them, to introduce the subject of the heavenly food which he was about to give to the world. "Amen, I say to you; ye seek me, not because you have seen signs, but because you have eaten of the loaves and were filled. Labor not for the meat which perisheth, but for that which endureth to b'fe everlasting, which the Son of Man will give you." Here our Lord declares that the food he was to give them would confer eternal life. Their curiosity being excited by these words, they desired to know more about this heavenly food and asked what sign he would give them, and whether the food he spoke of was better than the manna from heaven, which God had given their fathers in the Desert. Before giving any further explanation, our Lord speaks of the absolute necessity of faith in his divine person. "This is the work of God that you believe in me as your divine Redeemer. But you have seen me and you believe not. This is the will of my Father that sent me: that every one who seeth the Son, and bdievcth in him, may have life everlasting, and I will raise him up in the last day. Amen, amen, I say untoyou, he that believeth in me hath life everlasting." (John x\ix., 47.) In ordinary words Our Lord would say: You must believe that I am your Redeemer and your God, and that, therefore, it is in my power to give you such bread as bestows upon you life everlasting. Then having required of them an unwavering faith, he promises to give them a heavenly bread. He had just given them miraculous bread, a kind of bread far superior to ordinary bread; but the bread from heaven, which he was to give, was something far superior to the miraculous bread, and consequently far more than ordinary bread. The Jews thought that he would perhaps give them something like manna, but Jesus assured them that the heavenly bread, which he intended to give, was far superior even to manna. "Your fathers," he said to them, "did eat manna in the desert, and are dead; but he that eats of the bread that I will give, shall live forever."

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