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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

A. Conan Doyle

The Diplomatic Background of the War

Charles Seymour

Mortal Coils

Aldous Huxley

Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman

Groats-vvorth of witte

by Robert Greene


This reprint first published in 1923

Made and "Printed in Qreat Britain at the
CURfVEN TRESS, Tlaistow, S.ij



million of Repentance.

JDefcrtbfng tit follte of soufjj.tlje falfljooa ofnukiC&tfte flatfcrcra, ttjc miferie oftlje negligent, ano mifclitefcB of eccrining tfouttcjaas.

Written before his death and publiQied at hid dyeing requeft.

of witte, bought with a

The Printer to the Gentle Readers.

IHAUE published here Gentlemen for your mirth and benefite Greenes groates worth of wit. With sundry of his pleasant discourses, ye haue beene before delighted: But nowe hath death giuen a period to his pen: onely this happened into my handes which I haue published for your pleasures: Accept it fauourably because it was his last birth and not least worth: In my poore opinion. But I will cease to praise that which is aboue my conceipt, & leaue it selfe to speak for it selfe: and so abide your learned censuring.

To the Gentlemen Readers.

GENTLEMEN. The Swan sings melodiously before death, that in all his life time vseth but a iarring sound. Greene though able inough to write,yet deeplyer serched with sicknes than euer heeretofore, sendes you his Swanne like songe, for that hefeares he shall neuer againe carroll to you woonted hue layes, neuer againe discouer to you youths pleasures. How euer yet sicknesse, riot, Incontinence, haue at once shown their extremitie yet if I recouer, you shall all see, more fresh sprigs, then euer sprang from me, directing you how to Hue, yet not diswading ye from hue. This is the last I haue writ, and I feare me the last I shall writ. And how euer I haue beene censured for some of my former bookes, yet Gentlemen I protest, they were as I had speciall information. But passing them, I commend this to your fauourable censures, that like an Embrion j [A3» without shape, I feare me will be thrust into the world. If I Hue to end it, it shall be otherwise : if not, yet will I commend it to your courtesies, that you may as well be acquainted with my repentant death, as you haue lamented my careles course of life. But as Nemo ante obitum felix, so Acta Exitus probat: Beseeching therefore so to be deemed heereof as I deserue, I leaue the worke to your likinges, and leaue you to your delightes.


IN an Hand bounded with the Ocean there was somtime a Cittie situated, made riche by Merchandize, and populous by long peace, the name is not mentioned in the Antiquarie, or els worne out by times Antiquitie, what it was it greatly skilles not, but therein thus it happened. An old new made Gentleman herein dwelt, of no small credit, exceeding wealth, and large conscience: hee had gathered from many to bestow vpon one, for though he had two sonnes he esteemed but one, that being as himselfe, brought vp to be golds bondman, was therefore held heire apparant of his il gathered goods.

The other was a Scholler, and maried to a proper Gentlewoman and therfore least regarded, for tis an old sayd saw: To learning & law, thers no greater foe than they that nothing know: yet / [bi was not the father altogether vnlettered, for he had good experience in a Nouerint, and by the vniuersall tearmes therein contained, had driuen many a yoong Gentleman to seeke vnknowen countries, wise he was, for he boare office in his parish and sat as formally in his foxfurd gowne, as if he had been a very vpright dealing Burges: he was religious too, neuer without a booke at his belt, and a bolt in his mouthe, readye to shoote through his sinfull neighbor.

And Latin hee had some where learned, which though it were but little, yet was it profitable, for he had this Philosophye written in a ring, Tu tibi cura, which precept he curiously obserued, being in selfeloue so religious, as he held it no poynt of charitie to part with any thing, of whiche hee liuing might make vse.

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