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Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu, James Legge (trans.)

The Souls of Black Folk

W. E. B. DuBois

Through the Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll

The Secret Doctrine, Volume II Anthropogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

Harper's Chicago and the World's fair

by Julian Ralph



At the suggestion of Messrs. Harper & Brothers the author of this work visited Chicago in the summer of 1891 and studied the plans and aims of those who were in charge of the World's Columbian Exposition. He became convinced that the Fair was almost certain to be of unparalleled magnificence and interest and more nearly universal in character than any that has ever been held. He was permitted to make public this impression in an article in Harper's Magazine which had the merit of appearing when such an announcement — especially in a New York publication—was singularly timely. A large portion of the public, to some extent shocked by the failure of the Government to order the Fair held in New York, had been inclined to disparage the undertaking.

Even before that, the pages of Harper's Weekly had begun to build up that pictorial and literary record of the work which will finally form a brilliant history of the enterprise, and which has been accompanied by frequent articles in the Bazar and Young People. In asserting that the Harpers have thus taken the lead—and held it—in exploiting the Exposition, the intention is not to boast of their enterprise, but to explain that the present work is only a further expression of the patriotic impulse that led them thus early to support our nation's gigantic effort to entertain and instruct the world.


This book does not pretend to be a guide, either to the great and interesting City of Chicago or to the Exposition which is to be held in one of its parks. Such a guide would be five times the size of this work, and little more companionable than a dictionary; indeed, it would be impossible at this time to compile such a work as would anticipate the wonders of the Fair in detail. This is rather a series of descriptions of the peculiarities and attractions of Chicago and of the most novel and inviting of those features of the Exposition in regard to which it has been possible to gain reliable information at this time—October, 1892. It is a book to be read at home and before the Exposition opens, rather than afterwards and upon the Fair Grounds.

What is written of Chicago has already appeared in the Harper periodicals. It should be of value if the author has improved his exceptional opportunities for studying the town. On the other hand, the chapters upon the Exposition were but little dependent on his ability, for each was written close upon a talk with some Exposition official who was enthusiastic over his work and whose statements were taken down while he talked and merely reclothed, in part, in the writer's own language, afterwards.

NEW YORK, October i, 1892.


The Grand Court ,

Government Building Faces page 4

"War" " " 8

The Golden Doorway—Main Entrance to Transportation

Building " " 12

Workers in Staff .... I()

The Algerian Village, Midway Plaisance " " 20

Ohio Building " "24

Interior of Manufactures Building, Showing Base of One

of the Great Arches " " 28

Figure of "Fire" for Machinery Hall " " 32

Placing Exterior Decorations on the Horticultural Building " "36

Model for the Live-stock Entrance " " 40

The British Building " "46

Model for Live-stock Entrance " " 50

Making one of the Big Figures for Electricity Building . " " 54 Constructing Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building.

View from Lake Front " "56

A Sculptor's Studio " "60

The Building from Wooded Island " "64

Wisconsin State Building—North Dakota State Building . " "66 Fisheries Building — Government Building—Liberal Arts

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