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Shakti and Shakta

John Woodroffe

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Hugh Lofting

The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Carlyle, Rudolf Steiner

The Diplomatic Background of the War

Charles Seymour

Hebrew literature

by Joseph Barclay


7. "In the morning he was dressed with Pelusian linen worth twelve minas,* and in the evening with Indian linen worth 800 zuz."5 The words of R. Meier. But the Sages say, " that in the morning his dress was worth eighteen minas, and in the evening twelve minas "; all these thirty minas were from the congregation, and if he wished to add to them he might add of himself.

8. He came to the side of his bullock, and the bullock was standing between the porch and the altar; his head to the North, and his face to the West; and the Priest stood in the East, and his face Westward, and he placed both hands upon him and made confession, and thus he spake, " I beseech thee,

0 Name, I have committed iniquity. I have sinned before Thee—I, and my house—I beseech thee, O Name, pardon 8 now the iniquities and the transgressions and the sins which

1 have perversely committed, and transgressed, and sinned before thee, I, and my house, as is written in the law of Moses thy servant, that in this day ' He will atone for you,' etc. And they answered after him, 'BLESSED BE THE NAME. THE HONOR OF HIS KINGDOM FOREVER AND EVER.'"

• Literally, between the evenings. sequently the evening dress cost about

• The mina of the sanctuary was worth £21 13s. «d.

about £5 14s., consequently the morn- 'Literally, "cover over"; i.e., "atone

ing dress cost about £68 8s. for."

< The zuz was worth about 6$4d., con

9. He came to the east of the court to the north of the altar. The Sagan was at his right hand, and the chief of the fathers at his left. And there were the two goats; and the urn was there, and in it were two lots of boxwood, and Ben Gamla made them of gold, and they commemorated him as praiseworthy.

10. The son of Katin made twelve pipes to the laver, where before there were but two; and also he made a wheel for the laver, lest its water should be polluted by night. Monobazus 7 the king made all the handles of the vessels, of gold for the day of atonement. Helena, his mother, made a chandelier of gold near the door of the Sanctuary, and she also made a tablet of gold upon which the section of the Sota8 was written. Wonders were wrought for the doors of Nicanor,9 and they were commemorated as praiseworthy.

11. And these were in ignominy: The family of Garmu, who were unwilling to instruct in the preparation of the showbread. The family of Abtinas, who were unwilling to instruct in the preparation of incense. Hogrus, the son of Levi, knew a tune in the chant, and was unwilling to instruct. The son of Kamzar was unwilling to instruct in the art of writing. Concerning the former it is said, "The memory of the just is blessed "; and concerning the latter it is said, " but the name of the wicked shall rot" (Prov. x. 7).


1. He shook the urn and brought up two lots; one was written "for the Name," and the other was written "for Azazel."1 The Sagan stood at his right hand, and the Chief of the Fathers at his left. If " for the Name" came up in his right hand the Sagan said to him, " My Lord High Priest, lift up thy right hand "; and if "for the Name " came up in his left the Chief of the Fathers said to him, "My Lord High Priest, lift up thy left hand." He placed them upon the two goats, and said, " for the Lord is the sin-offering." R. Ismael said, "it was not necessary to mention the sin-offering" but "for the Lord." And they answered after him, " BLESSED BE THE NAME. THE HONOR OF HIS KINGDOM FOREVER AND EVER."

'King of Adiabene, a proselyte to ,.*See Treatise on "Measurements," Judaism about A.d. 45. ii. 3. note.

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