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The Revolt of the Netherlands

Friedrich Schiller

Further Adventures of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

The Secret Doctrine, Volume II Anthropogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

Letters on the Aesthetical Education of Man

Friedrich Schiller

Historic incidents and life in India

by Caleb Wright



India, by a long series of remarkable events, has become a land of great interest, not only to the philosopher and statesman, but to the general reader. The inhabitants of no other country can boast of antiquity more remote, of historic incidents more important, or of warriors, statesmen, and poets more renowned. The modern scholar and antiquarian can revel in the abundance of the literary works of India written thousands of years ago, in a language which excels all others in perfection and refinement. Among these are poems containing four hundred thousand lines, while the longest poem in the English language contains less than eleven thousand.

The conquest of India by a European power, and the recefit thrilling events of the Sepoy mutiny, have excited a general desire to know more of the history, manners, customs, and superstitions of the various ancient and peculiar races which inhabit that portion of the world. To furnish such information in an attractive and at the same time in a condensed form, is the object of this volume. In its preparation, brevity, clearness, and vivacity of style have been carefully studied, and numerous pictorial illustrations have been introduced, which convey to the mind, in a pleasing and impressive manner, much information which could not be communicated without their aid. As the subject matter has been collected by extensive travel in India, and as the illustrations have been engraved from drawings taken on the spot, the volume is presented to the reading public with the confident expectation that it will be found to possess the merit of accuracy and truthfulness.

J. A. Bkaineud.



India. Its Extent And Population. General Appearance Of Its Inhabitants. Their Costumes. Ornaments. Food. Peculiar Customs At Meals. Habitations. Methods Of Travelling.Choultries, Or Inns.AttachMent TO ANCIENT CUSTOMS. VILLAGE GOVERNMENT.

Shasters Or Sacred Books. Creation Of Man, And InStitution Of Caste, As Related In The Shasters. InciDents ILLUSTRATING THE PERNICIOUS INFLUENCE OF CASTE.

Sitting In Dherna. The Hindus A Religious People.Three Hundred And Thirty Millions Of Gods. Their Character. Hideous Forms Of The Images By Which

They Are Represented. Effects Produced Upon The

Minds Of Their Worshippers.

India has from the earliest historic period been justly regarded with great interest . Here vast and powerful empires sprang up and flourished while Europe was in a state of barbarism. More than two thousand years before Christianity shed its light upon the world, India had become the land of science and the arts. At the present time, however, its prominent characteristics are ignorance, poverty, and superstition.

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