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Some Experiences of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

The Bhagavad Gita


Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment

Rudolf Steiner

The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Carlyle, Rudolf Steiner

History of southwest Virginia, 1746-1786

by Lewis Preston Summers


On pages 18 and 39 the motto on the Golden Horseshoe presented by Governor Spotswood to his comrades In the expedition across the Blue Ridge Mountains is given as, "Sic Jurat transcendere monies." (Thus he swears to cross the mountains.) I am aware that some authorities state the motto was, "Sicjuvat transcendere montes." (Thus it delights (us) to cross the mountains.)

On page 18, last line. Instead of "countries" read "two counties."

On page81, line 14, read "other" between words "the" and "Indians."

On page 58, line 5, Instead of "settling" read "setting."

On page 57, line 11, instead of "Inglish " read " Inglls."

On page 73, line 17, instead of "Judds' friend" read Judds Friend."

On page 76, line 2, the word "Fountalnbleau " should be " Fountainebleau."

On page 93, lines 25 and 29, Instead of "Cloud's Fort" read "Cloud's Ford."

On page 114, line 3, instead of " Walden " read " Wallen."

On page 143, line 4, Instead of "Glass" read " Gass."

On page 146, line 7, Instead of "Bower" read "Bowyer."

On page 148, line 18, Instead of " Isaach " read " Isaac."

On page 164, line 2, a period should appear after "Burgesses," followed by a new paragraph.

On page 184, line 7, instead of "county " read "country." On page 195, line 22, Instead of "" read "merchandise." On page 257, line 6, instead of "Washington Districts" read "Washington nistrlct."

On page 291, Instead of "1,098.9" read "1,098."

On page292, line26, Instead of "rank" read "ranks."

< in page 360, line 2, Instead of "was" read "were."

On page 861, line 11, Instead of " citizens" read "citizen."

On page 864, line 5, Instead of "commissioners" read "commissioner."

On page 367, line 4, Instead of "Tranalleghany" read "Transalleghany."

On page 369, line 6, Instead of "Walliam" read "William."

On page 370, line 6, instead of "bans" read "banns."

On page 435, line 11, Instead of "agents" read "agent."

On page 448, line 14, Instead of "A. 8. A." read " U. 8. A."

On page 461, line20, Instead of "effecting" read "affecting."

On page 463, line 15, instead of "effected " read "affected."

On page 488, line 14, instead of "Hollne del Bey " read "Molino del Rey."

On page 502, line 1, Instead of "receive" read "receives."

On page 521, line 23, Instead of "ordinance" read "ordnance."

On page 522, line 1, instead of "Oeclll" read "Cecil."

On page 571, line 9, Instead of "Dupree" read "Dupre."

On page 590, line 12, Instead of "Hlndley Harris" read "Findley Harris."


The writer is a native born son of Southwest Virginia, and has always felt a great pride in his country, and since reaching maturity has been interested in the history of this section.

In the schools but little has been taught in regard to the history of this portion of Virginia, as but a small part of its history has been preserved. Our historians have been citizens of Eastern Virginia or of other States; and while our people have been making history from the earliest settlement, scarcely any effort has been made to preserve it, and as a result other parts of our country whose history has been preserved have in many instances received credit that properly belongs to the people of this section of Virginia, and being impressed with this fact, and prompted by a de-' sire to preserve the past history of our people, he determined, a few years since, to collect the history of Southwest Virginia, in so far as it was possible, and to rescue the same from oblivion, and in doing this work he has given such time only as he could spare from his professional duties.

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