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My Man Jeeves

P. G. Wodehouse

The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Carlyle, Rudolf Steiner

The Bhagavad Gita


Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment

Rudolf Steiner

History of the American Bible Society, revised and brought down to the present time

by William Peter Strickland


This sentiment is strongly interwoven with the politics of our country, however diversified may be our opinions and variant our political creeds. A single incident will illustrate this point. When it was said by one who occupied a prominent place in the councils of the nation, in speaking of the political creed of a certain candidate for the presidency, that his opinions were as various and contradictory as the teachings of the Bible, one belonging to the same political school indignantly replied, "Let a nation's curse follow the hoary-headed blasphemer to his grave!"

The wrecks of the many nations that lie scattered here and there along the shores of Time afford melancholy proof of the fact, that all who despise the AVord of God shall likewise perish. One of the finest Oriental scholars of this or any age, who has devoted his whole life to the acquisition of biblical science, and other studies of a collateral character, has declared, that "in all the Bible there is not one physical, intellectual, or moral error; nothing—absolutely nothing —that infidelity can contradict, or science, in her most enlarged discoveries, rectify."

To all who are impressed with the importance of the Holy Scriptures, no argument is necessary to induce a diligent attention to their oracles as " a light to the feet and a lamp to the-path" in this world of doubt and uncertainty; nor does it require any labor to convince those who are thus taught of God the duty of supplying the destitute with the sacred treasure.

This love for the Scriptures, and regard for its divine injunctions, existed in an eminent degree in the hearts of our forefathers; and hence, following the example set by the friends of the cause in England, exhibited in the organization of the British and Foreign Bible Society, they organized small local societies in different parts of the United States. These societies were instrumental in accomplishing much good to the immediate vicinities in which they were located, but their operations were necessarily much contracted, and their influence exceedingly limited. Bibles were ob

tamed by these societies from private booksellers at a high price, and many of them were imperfect copies. They labored under these and similar embarrassments in supplying the destitute around them, but no provision was made to send the Word of Life to the destitute abroad. This state of things was felt and deeply deplored by ministers and laymen of the different religious denominations, and they prayed and labored to bring about a better state of things, that the universal brotherhood of man might be made partakers with them of the common salvation.



In addition to the careful consultation of all the official records of the society, which, in the preparation of this work, have been thoroughly examined, the writer availed himself of the information and reminiscences of some of the remaining few who were members of the Convention which organized the society.

Among this number were the Rev. Dr. Biggs, president of Woodward College, Cincinnati, and Rev. Dr. Beecher, the venerable president of Lane Theological Seminary; the latter being the only surviving officer of that honorable and ever-memorable body, having acted as one of the secretaries.

The Rev. Gardiner Spring, D.D., of New York, the author of two of the most admirably written works on the Bible, entitled "Obligations of the World to the Bible," and " The Bible not of Man," has also kindly furnished us with some incidents connected with the proceedings of the Convention. Dr. Spring took an active part in the proceedings of the Convention, and from that time to the present has devoted the energies of a powerful intellect to the advancement of the Bible cause.

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