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Some Experiences of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

The Diplomatic Background of the War

Charles Seymour

Further Adventures of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu, James Legge (trans.)

Initiation and its results

by Rudolf Steiner



Or, How to attain Knowledge of the Higher Worlds By RUDOLF STEINER, Ph.D.

With a Foreword by ANNIE BESANT

and some Biographical Notes of the Author by


FIRST IMPRESSION, Duembir iqoS, I $00 ctfin
SECOND IMPRESSION, May igog, i$oo "fus
THIRD IMPRESSION, Nivtmbtr ioog, 2000 cipUl





"This little book ("The Way of Initiation') gives a singularly interesting account of the personality and thought of a modern mystic and occultist. . . . The chapters form the most lucid exposition of the purposes and methods of occultism available to the lay reading public."—The Manchester Guardian.

"The Path of Dlscipleshlp with its conditions is plainly set forth in brief compass. It may be commended to those who wish to enlarge their acquaintance with the things unseen."—Review of Reviews.

"We welcome "The Way of Initiation,' by Dr. Steiner, written in clear, precise, and philosophical language, and excellently translated into good, strong English by Mr. Max Qysi. ... To the orthodox and heterodox thinker upon life in its highest sense we have no hesitation in recommending this book."—The Times of India.

"Among recent books of more than ordinary excellence, a volume entitled 'The Way of Initiation,' by Rudolf Steiner, Ph.D., strongly commends Itself to all who are earnestly seeking plain, practical advice and luminous teaching concerning the course to be actually pursued so as to give unmistakable insight into the real nature of

the spiritual universe."—Light.

"The book is safe and sound, and Mr. Max Gysi has conferred a benefit on us in bringing it within the reach of English-speaking students and followers along the narrow path which leads to higher worlds."—The Annals of Psychical Science.

"Dr. Steiner sees that the Western disciple needs the Wisdom of the West. ... It is distinctly a work of insight, and not of mere thought; its description of the facts of the Inner world is marked by that vividness which can be found in the writings of one who has seen, and nowhere else. Above all, it is inspiring even where it is not informing."—St. Ethelburga's Leaflet, Rev. W. F. Cobb, D. D.


The widespread interest taken in the first volume of this series (entitled "the Way OF Initiation"), and its success, have encouraged me to place before English readers, in the present volume, a translation of the articles written by Dr. Steiner as a sequel to the above series, and originally published in Lucifer Gnosis (Nos. 20-28), a theosophical magazine, published by M. Altmann, Leipzig, and edited by Dr. Rudolf Steiner. The same magazine is now bringing out a series of articles, entitled "The Theory of Cognition according to Occultism," which, when finished, will conclude these very important communications from a source of genuine occult wisdom. When completed, I propose to publish

them as a third volume of this series.


To save disappointment to some readers into whose hands this book may chance to fall, let me frankly state at the outset that neither this nor its companion volumes are intended for people who deny the possibility of attaining knowledge by other means than their physical organs of sense; the belief in, or at least the hypothetical acceptance of the reality of the unseen world and of forces not perceptible by our physical senses is therein taken for granted. For those unable to accept these premises there exists a vast amount of literature which, if approached with an unprejudiced mind and carefully studied, will convince them of all that is here postulated.

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