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The Souls of Black Folk

W. E. B. DuBois

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Hugh Lofting

Novalis Including Hymns to the Night

Novalis, George MacDonald, Thomas Carlyle

Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman

Irish memories

by Edith Œnone Somerville



I Have many people to thank, for many things, and I have an explanation to make, but the thanks must come first.

I offer my most sincere gratitude to Mrs. Butler and to Professor Edgeworth, for their kindness in permitting me to print Miss Edgeworth's letters to Mrs. Bushe ; to Lord Dunsany, for the extract from " Plays of Gods and Men," which has said for me what I could not say for myself; to the Editors of the Spectator and of Punch, for their permission to use Martin Ross's letter and the quatrain to her memory; to the Hon. Mrs. Campbell, the Right Hon. Sir Horace Plunkett, P.C., Captain Stephen Gwynn, M.P., Lady Coghill, Colonel Dawson, and other of Martin Ross's friends, for lending me the letters that she wrote to them; even when these are not quoted verbatim, they have been of great service to me, and I am very grateful for having been allowed to see them.

I have to explain what may strike some as singular, viz., the omission, as far as was practicable, from the letters of Martin Ross, and from this book in general, of the names of her and my friends and relatives who are still living. I have been guided by a consensus of the opinion of those whom I have consulted, and also by my remembrance of Martin Ross's views on the subject, which she often expressed to me in connection with sundry and various volumes of Recollections, that have dealt with living contemporaries with a frankness that would have seemed excessive in the case of a memoir of the life of Queen Anne. If I have gone to the opposite extreme, I hope it may be found a fault on the right side.


September 20th, 1917.


^ Violet Florence Martin (Photograph)

y Ross House, Co. Galway (inset) The Martin Coat of Arms (Photograph)

- Castle Haven Harbour (Photo, by Martin Ross)

^ Carberiae Rupes (Photo, by Sir E. B. Coghitt, Bart.)

* From the Garden, Drishane (Photo, by Martin


j Drishane House (Photo, by Martin Ross)

„ Hydrangeas, Drishane Avenue (Photo, by Martin Ross) .....

/ Dans la Rive Gauche (Drawing by E. (E. Somerville) ......

^ Martin Ross on Confidence (Photograph) . v Edith CEnone Somerville (Photograph) . .

/ A Castle Haven Woman (Drawing by E. (E. Somerville)

,> Martin Ross (Photo, by Lady Coghill) . ,. j Ross Lake (Photograph) .... y E. CE. Somerville on Tarbrush (Photograph) .

v E. (E. S.—Candy—Sheila—V. F. M. (Photo, by Sir E. B. Coghitt, Bart.)

/ Candy (Photo, by Martin Ross)

. E. (E. S. and a Dilettante (Photo, by Martin Ross) .......

v " Chez Cuneo " (Drawing by E. (E. Somerville)

- The West Carbery Hounds (Photo, by Miss

M. J. Robertson) .....

v At Bunalun. " Gone to Ground " (Photo, by
Mr. Ambrose Cramer) ....

Waiting for the Terriers (Photo, by Mr. Ambrose
Cramer) ......

' West Carbery Hounds at Liss Ard (Photograph)
% Portofino (Photo, by Martin Ross) . .



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What is this child of man that can conquer Time and that is braver than Love ?

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