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J. E. B. Stuart (major-general) commander of the cavalry corps, Army of northern Virginia, C. S. A.

by Theodore Stanford Garnett


On October 3, 1891, the Association was organized. Its purpose at that time was simply to mark the grave of General Stuart with a suitable monument, but it was finally determined that the Association, with the aid of the city of Richmond, would erect this equestrian statue.

The Association was formed with the following officers: General Fitzhugh Lee, president; Captain Charles A. Taylor, secretary, and Mr. E. A. Catlin, treasurer. Upon the death of Captain C. A. Taylor, Lieutenant W. Ben Palmer became the secretary of the Association, and to his faithful and efficient service is due much of the success of the undertaking.

The following officers were vice-presidents: Generals Wade Hampton, L. L. Lomax, M. C. Butler, William H. Payne, William P. Roberts, Thomas T. Munford, and Major H. B. McClellan.

The following executive committee served with faithfulness and devotion: Thomas W. Sydnor, John Lamb, A. R. Venable, M. J. Dimmock, E. C. Minor, James R. Werth, Jos. W. Thomas, Charles Selden, L. B. Vaughan, Joseph Bryan, Theodore S. Garnett, John W. Gordon, Frank T. Sutton, P. H. Mayo, Charles T. O'Ferrall, and James Vass.

At a meeting held in Mechanics' Institution the ioth of May, 1904, from certain models on exhibition there the design submitted by Mr. Fred Moynihan was accepted, subject to some changes suggested by the Committee on Statue, which committee was composed of General Fitzhugh Lee, Major A. R. Venable, Judge Theodore S. Garnett, and Captain M. J. Dimmock. The work of casting the bronze from this model was assigned to the Gorham Manufacturing Company of Providence, R. I., and was most successfully done.

The base of the monument was designed and erected by Captain M. J. Dimmock, of Richmond, Virginia.

On April 28, 1905, the Association suffered severe loss in the death of its President, General Fitzhugh Lee, to whom no successor has yet been elected, but it is proposed to continue the organization for social and beneficial objects, although the principal intention of its founders has now been happily accomplished.

A photograph of the monument is here published.

Address Delivered At The Unveiling Of The Equestrian Statue Of Gen. Eral J. E. B. Stuart At Richmond, Virginia, May 30, 1907,

By Theodore S. Garnett, His A. D. C.

Comrades of the Veteran Cavalry Association of the Army of Northern Virginia, United Confederate Veterans, Fellow Citizens of Richmond, Ladies and Gentlemen:

In response to a call as inspiring as the bugles of Stuart on the field of battle, I am here to attempt the impossible task which has been assigned me by my old comrades.

Forty-three years, to this same flowery month of May, have passed away since

The cannon of his country pealed Stuart's funeral knell,

and that same period has elapsed since the city of Richmond registered its high resolve to place a monument here to his undying name.

To the honor of this city, and in proof of her gratitude for his sacrifice of life in her behalf, the city of Richmond, coming to the aid of the Veteran Cavalry Association of the Army of Northern Virginia, sees to-day the realization of hopes so long cherished by his faithful followers.

On the 14th day of May, 1864, at a meeting of the City Council of Richmond, General Randolph, after announcing to the Council the death of General Stuart, submitted the following resolution:

Whereas, The people of Richmond, in common with their fellow-citizens of the Confederate States, have to deplore in the death of Major General J. E. B. Stuart, not only the loss of one of the first military characters of the age, but also of a citizen whose eminent patriotism and pure life gave the best guar

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