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The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Hugh Lofting

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

Paradoxes of the Highest Science

Eliphas Levi

The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas

Jesus Christ the mediator between God and men

by Martin Tomkins


It hath been further suggested, "That in the Eftjllei it seems "principally introducM for the adjusting, some Matters which "came early to be disputed among eonceneijus, weafc Chriltt"ans; pirtianJarly, it is urged to sitisfy a certain Sec of Chri*< liians (who at that Time needed such Satissaction) that they "might as reasonably; and. certain)y by the Christian Institution ** expect and obtain the Remflfion of all their Sins, as the fev/s ** could under their Dispensation hope for Pardem os their cere"monial or political Guilr, when they had offered the Sacrift"ers in those cafes provided and appointed." But when I observe in what Manner oar Redemption by the Blood of Christ is spoken of, not only in the Epistles of Paul, but of Pettr and pokn, and I may add* by the whole Church in the Both of tb» Kevelatiot), I can by no means coroe into that Thought. It seernJ plainly to me to be the current Doctrine of the Gospel.


A Collection of several Passages of Scripture concerning our Redemption by Christ. The literal Sense established. The Death of Christ a real Sacrifice. Christ a proper Priest.

TH E first Thing I propose, is to present at one View to the Reader, some of the express Declarations of Scripture relating to the Mediation of Christ; I mean, his mediating with God on our behalf; for this it is which some Persons cannot digest. The Scripture exprefly gives Christ the Title of Med I A Tor [the one Mediator;] this they are willing to allow, understanding it of his mediating on the pare of God towards us, i. e. Jesus Christ is invested in a Mediatorial Kingdom, and so dispenses the Favours of God to Men. This, in my Judgment, is but one half of what the Scripture designs when it calls Christ the Mediator; I suppose it to include what he doth, or hath done, on our behalf towards God. The Apostle, I think, had plainly most direct Respect to this, when he tells us, There is one Mediator between God and Men, the Man Christ Jesus; for he adds, Who gave himself a Ransom for us. If it appears that Christ offered himself a Sacrifice; that he makes Intercession for us; that he is ordained for us an High-priest in Things pertaining to God; and that we are requi

Indecd we have no where so full Explication of Christ's priestly Office as in the tpistle to the Hebrews; perhaps it was not convenient to give a complete View of that till the Dissolution of the Jewish State was nigh at hand. This we may have sarther occalion to take notice ot hereafter.

red red to come unto God by him under this Character; if these, and the like, are in the plain literal Sense the Doctrines of the New Testament, I suppose none will make it matter of Dispute, whether the Title os Mediator hath not respect to these Things, as well as to his acting on the behalf of God towards us; not to observe that the very Term seems to imply a transacting with each Parry on the behalf of the other, according to that of the Apostle, A Mediator is not of one.

But not to insist on this, which may perhaps be thought to be no more than a Dispute abouc the Signification of a Word; what I propose, is, to lay before the Reader the Declarations of Scripture with relation to these Matters} I mean particularly, what was appointed for Christ to do on our behalf, and consequently what he hath done, or now does for us, in order to our Reconciliation With God. These Declarations are indeed so plain and express that they seldom need any Comment; but those who do receive the Revelation, and yec Jike not these Doctrines which we take to be contain'd therein, must be suppos'd to give some Turn to those Expreffions, and some way or other to account for them; it may be requisite therefore to take some Notice of what may have been suggested in order to evade the plain, obvious, literal Sense of these Declarations of Scripture.

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