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Novalis Including Hymns to the Night

Novalis, George MacDonald, Thomas Carlyle

The Secret Doctrine, Volume I Cosmogenesis

H. P. Blavatsky

Mortal Coils

Aldous Huxley

The Worm Ouroboros

E. R. Eddison


by Alice Bunker Stockham



The author's work, Tokology, was written from years of professional experience to meet a demand among inquiring women on subjects that deeply concern the physical life of the wife and mother. In these later years the world of thought has grown and new discoveries have been made in spiritual as well as material science.

In answer to hundreds of letters of inquiry I send out this message—Karezza, elucidating a theory of conjugal life, in which there is a love communion between husband and wife from which results a mastery of the physical and complete control of the fecundating power.

In The Familiar Letter of Tokology subjects usually considered delicate in nature and difficult to handle are presented indirectly and briefly. In an early edition those interested in a "wiser parentage" are cited to a pamphlet written by a distinguished minister, who therein had given to the world a new and unique theory of controlling propagation. Afterwards to my regret and the disappointment of numerous correspondents it was discovered that the work was out of print.

In later editions of Tokology, alluding to methods of limiting offspring, the following paragraph occurs: "By some a theory called sedular absorption is ad, vanced. This involves intercourse without culmination. No discharge is allowed. People practicing this method claim the highest possible enjoyment, no loss of vitality, and perfect control of the fecundating power."

Many readers asked for further explanation. It proved that the word Sedular is not found in the dictionaries, but as used in this connection means pertaining to seed, and is so defined in the glossary of the book.

Karezza elucidates the above paragraph; gives a high ideal to parental functions; pleads for justice to the unborn child; teaches that the control of procreation is possible with every husband and wife; gives honor to womanhood, and, most of all, controverts the prevailing ideas of baseness and degradation associated with the sexual nature.

Karezza may be considered a supplement to TokolOgy, and like that, deals with tested theories and practical truths. They have been lived and demonstrated, and are here presented as living facts.

Men and women must learn the significance of the sexual relation, and its possible influence upon life and character. Copulation is more than a propagative act; it is a blending of body, soul and spirit, ennobling or degrading according to the attitude of the participants. For both husband and wife it has a function in soul development that hitherto has been prevented and perverted by the traditional uncleanness attached to the relation. Nature made but one mistake in the evolution of life, according to man's edict, and that is in creating the human reproductive organs. Eeverse this edict Let the search-light of truth illumine this subject, and a satisfactory solution of many social problems will be evolved. No part of the body should be under condemnation. The young should be enlightened upon these important subjects, while the knowledge of sexual science will open the door for the true marriage.

Karezza makes a plea for a better birthright for the child, and aims to lead individuals to seek a higher development of themselves through the most sacred relations. It presents truths that are attainable, and when the goal of mastery is reached, the ideal marriage will be consummated in united lives, giving a prophecy of generations of desired and welcome offspring.

A. B. a




Creative Energy.

Let there be light. Mail is a trinity of spirit, smil and body. Spirit is the source or Cod-life of man from which all proceeds. Soul is Spirit in action, and embraces all that is recognized as individual, personal existence. Soul includes the intellect, the emotions and the sensations. It is the thinking, loving, living realm of man. From the Spirit through conscious training one is capable of developing unlimited forces and possibilities. Soul looks within to the all for life, knowledge and power which it expresses without, through the physical. As thought precedes action, so nothing can appear or manifest itself in the body that has not been conceived or thought of in the soul. Soul may recognize Spirit as a governing principle, or it may look out through the senses for material manifestations, depending only upon symbols for its concept of life.

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