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The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Hugh Lofting

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

Further Adventures of an Irish R. M.

Edith Somerville and Martin Ross

Key to the science of theology

by Parley Peter Pratt


Fourth. It is the science of life—endless and eternal, by which the living are changed or translated, and the dead raised.

Fifth. It is the science of faith, reformation, and remission of sins, whereby a fallen race of mortals may be justified, cleansed, and restored to the communion and fellowship of that Holy Spirit which is the light of the world, and of every intelligence therein.

Sixth. It is the science of spiritual gifts, by which the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the sick are healed, and demons are expelled from the human system.

Seventh. It is the science of all other sciences and useful arts, being in fact the very fountain from which they emanate. It includes philosophy, astronomy, history, mathematics, geography, languages, the science of letters; and blends the knowledge of all matters of fact, in every branch of art, or of research. It includes, also, all the scientific discoveries and inventions—agriculture, the mechanical arts, architecture, shipbuilding, the properties and applications of the mariner's compass, navigation, and music. All that is useful, great, and good; all that is calculated to sustain, comfort, instruct, edify, purify, refine, or exalt intelligences; originated by this science, and this science alone, all other sciences being but branches growing out of thisthe root.

Some of the facts stated in the foregoing, are beautifully illustrated in Theological history, of which the following is an imperfect summary—

God spake, and the worlds were framed by His word.

He spake, darkness dispersed, and light prevailed.

He commanded, and the elements—water and earth, separated, and assumed their proper bounds.

He commanded, and the earth brought forth vegetable and animal life in countless variety.

He commanded, and man, male and female, took upon them a tabernacle of flesh, and prepared to multiply and perpetuate their species in the new creation.

"The Lord God planted a garden," and thus introduced agriculture.

"He made coats of skins," hence the tailor's art.

The Lord God commanded and gave pattern for Noah's Ark, thus introducing the art of shipbuilding.

He revealed the patterns for the Tabernacle in the wilderness, with all its arrangements and furniture; and afterwards developed the entire plan and all the designs of that most stupendous of all works of art—the great Temple of Solomon, with all its furniture; thus developing and improving the art of architecture.

The Lord God wrote with His own finger on the "tables of stone," on Mount Sinai; thus showing that the science of letters was cultivated and used by the highest Intelligence of the eternal heavens.

The Lord God has revealed by Ezekiel the Prophet, a plan for the survey and division of Palestine to the Twelve Tribes of Israel, on their return to the land of their fathers; also for laying out the new city of Jerusalem, with its squares, blocks, public grounds, and suburbs, and its temple.

Thus Theology includes the surveyor's art, and the planning of cities, as well as temples, and shows that these arts are cultivated in heaven, and that the very highest Intelligence of the Heaven of heavens, stoops, or condescends, to grace these arts by His own particular attention and example.

In the Revelation of John the Apostle, on the Isle of Patmos, we have a specimen, a masterpiece, a climax of all that is great and grand in design, and splendid and glorious in execution, in cities, thrones, palaces, streets, pavements, outgrounds, gates, walks, squares, fountains, rivulets, gardens, fruits, groves, specimens of dress, poetry, song, music, marriage, bridal dress, feasting, books, literature, public worship, prophesying, prayer, and praise, as existing in and around the palaces of the New Jerusalem, the capital of heaven, the seat of government of the Eternal King.

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